Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Make Chrome Work Faster

It is quite disappointing sometimes when you experience a slowdown in using chrome on some websites specially those that contain HD photos,  other web components like GIF animations and automatically playing background videos all at once.

Some sites are not so well designed or  the webmaster of that particular site neglected to consider the fact that not all internet users have the much needed bandwidth to accommodate enormous data to be shown in their browsers. In other instances, the adverts being hosted cause the same bandwidth consuming items which the webmasters do not have control of.

What to do

As this is more of a bandwidth issue (internet connection amount and speed), there's nothing much for internet users to play with. It is either to choose between showing the image but with delay or to not to show it at all.

  • Disabling images in chrome is easy. Just head to customize and control button(top rightmost icon)>settings>scroll down and hit show advance settings>under Privacy hit content settings>under  images tick 'do not show any images'.(1)

  • This solution may not besuitable for all and could only be for those rushing to load the text contents quickly. If you require to see the graphical contents then head to chrome's experimental browser tools (flags), and scroll down to GPU rasterization menu. This is a fast processing usually for 3D image to output into 2D such as computer monitors and usually used by developers. But with chrome's experimental lab, regular users like us can test this easily.

To make things easier, type in your browser the exact path chrome://flags/#enable-gpu-rasterization. Click the drop down menu and choose enabled.

Now try loading graphics and image rich sites like or

Last Words :

As the items from chrome flags are all experimental, they might disappear at anytime, rendering the function disabled. If GPU-rasterization does not improve the way you browse with rich graphics contents, disabling is easy by doing the reverse!

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