Monday, 13 April 2015

3 Must Have Apps For A Rooted Android

Installing apps is easy, and sometimes because it is free, we tend to install every app that catches our curiosity. It might not kill a cat but certainly can affect the phone's performance especially when there's a shortage of storage which in the long run will inevitably come when we do not scrutinize if we really need the app or not. This is more an issue when you do not have a restriction like in a rooted phone.

As the phone can do more that when it is not rooted, there are powerful programs that can be downloaded to unleash the power of the android which I've been dreaming to try, like revealing the saved wi-fi pass code, snooping on online activity of your kids in real time, and to disconnect their internet access without them knowing when they are in an inappropriate site . So here's a few list of tools for the rooted phone that I consider very useful.

1. Wi-Fi Connection Manager:  Reveals Wi-Fi Passcode

I wanted to have an app that tells me the wi-fi pass code. You just do not know when you need it. Although the best alternative is to write it down in a piece of paper or type it in the phone's note application, sometimes you just need to access it quick specially when a house guest is asking for it. Or when you yourself becomes the guest and your host types the passcode for you, you just want to know the asterisk value! In this case, wi-fi connection manager is very helpful. Non rooted devices can install this but the reveal passcode function(1) will not work.

2. IntercepterNG: Spy on your kids

The internet is a great place for information specially for school works. But not all information are suitable for everybody. They can be a threat to kids and influence their way of thinking and social upbringing. The only thing that we as parents can do is to block these sites manually using browser's preference using keyword filtering or through our ISP's. As kids are curious, we can not prevent them from their venture to sites that usually not well known that pose similar threat or could be worse. In this way, we do not know what sites they are accessing. Kids are well versed of cleaning their surfing footsteps by just cleaning internet caches and histories.

This is where InterceperNG is useful. Any device that uses the same Wi-Fi access(2) can be a target. 

It records every traffic that passes through the Wi-Fi connection in the form of numeric ip address(3). You can just type the ip address in your browser or go to the cookie icon(yellow) and tap the cookie entry to view the viewed website(4).

3. Wi-Fi Kill: Disconnect discreetly internet connection.

Sometimes it is hard to directly say stop what you are doing, specially when you find out(using IntercepterNG) that they are accessing inappropriate sites. This is where Wi-Fi Kill comes in handy. It displays all connected devices to your router(5). From there you can choose to select a device(6) by tapping it or you can select all. Once selected, you have the choice of grabbing it's traffic(7) where you can see what sites he's been or to kill it's connection(9).The target device will not lose connection but will not get data traffic because your rooted android tricks the grabbed device into thinking that your phone is the router. As your phone is not sharing internet connection the grabbed device can not access the internet.

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