Thursday, 16 April 2015

Hacking Windows Function: The SendTo Button

There are many windows functions that are hidden under the hood. I just do not understand why the ones that are enabled are just the basic functions(1). It is tedious sometimes to keep repeating every task that you do when working with documents or photos.

Like the 'send to' function, it can be configured to send your files to a location of your choice or to a bluetooth recipient as long your laptop has the hardware for it. This saves you time in copying files to a certain location without navigating to it. The same with a bluetooth recipient, you can do this without going  to the bluetooth connectivity first.

How to do it?

I thought making a change like this involves playing with the registry, but I was wrong. It just involves a basic operation of going to the correct file path, you just need the correct incantation. 

1. Open up windows explorer. 

2. Highlight the path(2) and delete the entry, then type 'shell:sendto'(3). 'Sendto' should be spelt as one word without space in between. Do not forget the colon between shell and sendto.

3. Then press enter. The following window will reveal the path and the destinations(4) that are included when you right click a file and click send to.

4. Now you can specify a directory or a file to include in the send to shortcut button. If you can see the directory or folder you want to send your work to just right click it(5)  from the left window pane, select copy(6)then paste(7) it at the 'sendto' window. If not, you can navigate to the folder first and select copy before you do step 2.

5. The additional destinations added to the 'sendto' window (8) will become available when you right click (9) a file.

Now you can easily transfer any file or even a folder easier and with fewer clicks.

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