Sunday, 1 March 2015

Control Your Laptop Using Eye Movements

Ever feel frustrated when you turn to the next page of a musical score stored on a tablet  whilst playing the piano or guitar overshoots to the last page ? Or want to play a video backwards as you missed an important ingredient whilst your hands are sticky with half done dough?

These are just some scenarios that you wish your digital device, laptop or tablet  would turn into a physical personal assistant even just for a minute or two. Although no amount of magic spells and magic wands can do this in the real world,  this smart assistant can get smarter with an eye tracker device. It can just do what you wish to be done by an additional hardware and a well written software!

The Eye Tribe Eye Tracker

Eye tribe has introduced that device that uses an eye tracker to detect eye movements and written an accompanying code that translates these into tasks like turning a page, playing back movies backwards or forwards, controlling a game without  ever using your fingers to touch the device. 

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Imagine you can do every activity you usually do to a device with your finger tips just by looking and making gestures using your eyes! It will be a liberating experience specially in the field of gaming. No more inaccurate controller finger slips. It could also mean savings on batteries and misplaced  or broken controllers.

As it is still new, it can only be connected to devices like laptops and tablets running windows7/8 or Macs running mountain lion 10.8.4. It also need a superfast data input interface like the USB 3.

The company is still working to miniaturize it more to fit smaller devices like mobile phones. So we can expect mobile products sporting the new user interface in the future and other devices that can exploit the power of eye movements. As the SDK code comes with the purchase of the device, developers can use it in developing apps compatible for other home entertainment products to make them more interesting to use!

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Last Words.

This is an another forward leap to user interfaces on how we interact to machines. This technology will be helpful to people with disability so that they can fully experience the enjoyment of having a laptop or a tablet without having the reservation to use them because they are not physically capable to hold the device. It can also make them more independent in some ways if this device is incorporated with other products of everyday living like a wheelchair that moves just by looking at it. This technology could make tasks become simpler and could open a window to a new world to people with difficulties if exploited it's every potential.

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