Thursday, 19 March 2015

Stalled Chrome Easy Fix

From time to time, chrome browser crashes on my computer. I experience it at random, sometimes when I have just started the computer or when I resume from sleep mode. Clicking the chrome icon does not do anything, initially it seems like it is launching, the whirling animation is on going but it just stops midway and stalls without opening the usual chrome window.

My usual response is to reinstall it by going to my download folder (I usually save installation files) and run the  saved installation file. Or download it again from the web.

But there is a quicker way of sorting this out, by using a free utility, the CCleaner!  This is intended to clean junks and make your computer run smoother and safer, but there is more to just the tidying, it also helps to restore malfunctioning browsers. If you have the same problem with chrome like me, try this steps below.   If you do not have it yet, you can download it from here.

The Ccleaner

Open ccleaner and click applications(1) tab. The application does its job from the first browser on top to the bottom. Depending on the number of browsers you use,  you just need at least 3 minutes of your time. When it reaches google chrome, it will detect that it is running but has stalled. This is the reason that the window is not showing.  The cleaner will ask you to close it(2).

Clicking yes will detect that it is not responding and will ask you to forcefully close it. Click yes(3), relaunch chrome and it will run smoothly!

Last Words.

Ccleaner is one of the best free computer maintenance application I have tried. Aside from the excellent junk wiping function, it also have uninstaller, duplicate finder and the intuitive startup(4) tweaker for applications so that they can launch faster by disabling(6) additional extensions(5).

In fact, it remedies other well known browser like internet explorer,  firefox,  safari and opera. So if any of these browsers do not launch, ccleaner is the cure!

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