Saturday, 14 March 2015

3 Ways to Save on Inkjet Printer

It's one of the most expensive consumables in the world of computing. The hardware comes as cheap as chips but to maintain it,  is costly. In fact, they say the inkjet is seven times more expensive than Dom Perignon Vintage  champagne. Too bad it doesn't taste that good!

The good news is depending on how you use it, you can save money on every drop without modifying your printer or computer, and without using alternative printer inks. Here's how.

1. Print in draft. 

Printing in draft(2), general mode or quick print(1) (the name depends on the model of your printer) makes the print out less colourful by using less ink than setting the outcome print into photo mode or photo quality. If you are using word processor, draft mode ignores the formatting of texts thus uses less ink.

This menu can be accessed with the printer's settings menu or the word processing application (5) you are using as shown below.

If colour is not important, you can also use greyscale (4) to further save on colour ink.

2. Use multiple page printout.

If it is practicable to print 2 pages or more(3) in one print page then do it. This obviously uses less paper and ink as it is not the full size that is printed but a scaled down copy.  Although this may not always be available as an option depending on the printer's model, a free application that can do this is available at

3. Use less ink consuming fonts. 

Yes, you can save on ink by carefully selecting the type face you use. It's been long time that I use times roman on all school projects when I was in college. I did not know much about fonts that they have an impact on how much ink you could possibly consume and also the fact that there was not much font choices to select from then. Plus the shadow of the typewriter was still hanging over me, I thought every font is not so different. Times roman is not really a bad choice as it always appear to be on the 4th or 3rd space of the most ink saver font. Garamond has been studied to give you the most savings, and special font face like ecofont.

Fonts that uses less ink

The later is particularly designed to use less ink by integrating 'holes' within it's body. As this is not readily available with word processors, a free version of it can be downloaded at

Specially designed ink saver font

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