Saturday, 28 February 2015

Use Whatsapp With A Laptop

Whatsapp is a free messaging cross flatform app that lets you send and receive text messages using internet connections, wi-fi or data bundle, instead of the usual network signal. It makes sense to use as it saves heavy text messaging users from text fees. And not like other "exclusive brand" messaging apps for a certain mobile make, it draws wider mobile audience using different makes. It is very easy to use and does not require a list of information to get started, all you need to have is a working SIM number on a smartphone.

The only inconvenience of using this application is when you are using a small screened smartphone. As most of the task is tapping on a screen, the bigger the screen can provide a better experience. Even bigger with bigger screens, I still wish to have a full sized keyboard to key in my messages. But before you upgrade your phone with a bigger screen, or buy a bluetooth keyboard to ease your way whatsapping, let me tell you a good news, you can now use your laptop to use whatsapp, and here's how!


Smartphones should be
  • with android, windows and blackberry OS, iPhones are not supported at the moment.
  • with camera with the ability to scan QR codes.
  • with the latest whatsapp application
  • with working simcard
Computer should be
  • with windows OS
  • with chrome browser

How to sync whatsapp from mobile phone to laptop or PC

  • If you meet the minimum requirements above then you are ready to go. Start your computer and go to
  • A QR code(1) is generated.

  • On your mobile phone, log on to whatsapp and at the chat window, tap the left soft button to bring app the options then click "whatsapp web"(2).

  • This will automatically open up the phone's rear camera and a scanner window to scan the code from your computer screen.

  • After scanning, the mobile phone screen goes back to the chat window and the computer screen will mimick what's beeing shown in the mobile phone's screen.
  • Now you can use your computer to compose faster and easier text messages to your contacts.

  • All messages you send using your computer will also be shown in your phone and vice versa.

Last Words.

Another way of making whatsapp easier to use is to buy a bluetooth full sized keyboard, specially with iPhone users as the web application is at the moment, not compatible with apple devices. Or update your iPhone to the newest 6 plus. Big screens are a big advantage to applications like whatsapp as users use the keyboard more.

But who knows in the future the web application will be available to apple devices as well?

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