Friday, 20 February 2015

Why Disable Adobe Flash Player Chrome Version?

You may not need to do this but if you have problem with chrome, like constant crashing "a plug-in (Shockwave Flash) isn’t responding" and fed up of seeing "aw snap, he's dead, Jim" error notification, then you might as well be better off without it. What happens when the browser encounters a video that needs a flash player to play is to activate a flash program extension that can play it.

There are two versions of this, one from macromedia and a built in  chrome version. If they are active at the same time, the browser can be confused in choosing which one it needs to use. This results in error message that makes the browser or even the whole computer unresponsive. Here's how to find, choose and disable the chorme version.

Locate flash player 

To get to the flash player whilst in chrome, type chrome://plugins (1) at the address bar. This will list all extensions. Under the Adobe Flash Player entry, it has 3 files on it. Click the Details button to expand(2).

Choose and disable chrome version.

As it is expanded, locate the version with google chrome (3) on it's entry then click the disable(4) button. The entry will be grayed(5) that confirms it is disabled. Close the whole browser and open it again.

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