Monday, 16 February 2015

Using Print Menu To Save Webpages

Randomly surfing the web takes us to immense amount of data about anything we can think of. In fact, the web is an inexhaustible source of information that people can only dream of many years back. In today's computing era, the only limit of what we can gather and learn from the internet is our capacity to absorb these. We can not process all of these information in one sitting.

One way of making most of the pages we visit is to collect or save it for future reading. You might be thinking of putting bookmarks, but to use bookmarks, we need to be connected into the internet. Therefore saving it is a better option. The problem is how to save it, as the default format when we save a webpage is in HTML which can only be accessed correctly when online.

Collecting pages of information can be a tiring experience, specially the early age of the internet. My way of saving pages to read offline during those time was to copy and paste it in a word document. This usually takes ages and the pages do not appear as they are like the original document. Taking a screenshot is also a good way of saving it but it is limited to what appears in the screen. So it is not practicable with long webpages as you might end up 10 shots to get the whole page.

The wonder of the  print menu.

Thanks to today's browsers as they can be saved as PDF's format. Take chrome for example, you can do this whilst you are in the webpage that you want to read offline or save for other reasons.

This is done by exploiting the print menu of the browser. Simultaneously press CTRL + P, click chnage(2) under destination(1);

...then change the destination to "PDF"(3) instead of your printer, then click save(4).

Last Words.

I have seen the "save to PDF" menu before when I print documents but I do not know where to use it until recently when I was reading the unfortunate fate of the fallen 44. I have yet to attend to an oncall call and the "save to PDF" menu did not just let me save it into my laptop but also saved a copy to my phone to read it when I've got a chance! This is also very good when you are taking notes.

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