Friday, 20 February 2015

Make Use Of Android's Owner Information

Smartphones are worth a fortune. Not only because they are expensive but also because they contain invaluable information about the owner. Therefore, care and attention is needed for every owner not to lose it.

There is nothing we can do when they get stolen, but when we misplace it, there is still a  hope that the phone can "find" it's way to you. Just cross your fingers that the finder is honest when you ring the phone's number, so that when you happen to find a smartphone, you have the motivation to return the favor by also calling the owner.

But what if the phone is locked,  never rings, and there's no way you can get hold of the owner's contacts and alternate number?  This will make things a little harder. So before this will happen to anyone, we can set up our android phones to help the finder contact us.

Make use of Android's owner information.

The owner information can be edited to show a message or anything when the phone is locked. It is not activated by default.It can be accessed by pressing Settings>Device>LockScreen>OwnerInformation(1). Tapping it will prompt you to edit text window.  Typing a greeting is cool but it is more useful to just type the alternative number to call when you misplace your phone, plus a polite message(2). The text is now available to view in the lock screen(3).

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