Friday, 5 July 2013

Wirelessly Transfer Data From SD Card and USB Stick to iPhone and iPad Without Using Computer

Memory card and USB stick data storage are the easiest way to stow away digital files. They are the most convenient device to carry, because of their size, and they are universally accepted as a storage for almost all of electronic devices. Convenient as it is to use and store data from them, sometimes it is not when extracting or transferring data because you will need a reader, cable and a computer to make the transfer. Especially when you are planning to export data on apple mobile devices, you do need to install iTunes in addition, to view images and videos from the storage to an iphone or ipad.

For SD Card fed devices, there is a new breed of memory card that is available to address this shortcoming. It is called, Eye-Fi memory card. It transmits data through wi-fi, cutting the need for wires and computers to make a data transfer. Clever, but this device at this time, costs so much. And at the moment, there is no product that has a built in wifi on a USB stick.

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An alternative solution is to transform memory card into wi-fi transfer capable. This means, an ordinary memory card  that you are using from a digital camera, mobile phone and other devices can transfer its data wirelessly using wi-fi, just like the eye-fi. As this is a host device, you can make any SD card wireless capable without necessary upgrading into an eye-fi. There is also a port that can accommodate USB stick that can make any USB storage into wi-fi capable storage.

APOTOP Wireless Card Reader

The Apotop Wi-Reader is 100% compatible with your iPad or iPhone without the need for iTunes.

The Wi-Reader is extremely compact and comes equipped with a embedded rechargeable battery without the need for an external power supply, making the Wi-Reader the ideal travel companion. It has a port for an SD Card, USB stick, RJ45, and another USB port for mains power. It is also simple to use. Just download the Wi-Reader app to your iPhone or iPad at the iTunes Store. Then connect your mobile or tablet device to the Apotop Wi-Reader wirelessly via Wi-Fi. Now you can click on the app from your device and your data will be available to view and play on your iPhone or iPad.

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Click and See Video On How It Works Below 

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