Saturday, 27 July 2013

The AVG Uninstaller

I've been a fan for a long time of the AVG brand, from anti-virus to internet security suite. Though I use it's free products, I have not encountered any problem like major virus infection in any of my devices. The AVG program is easy to use and easy to configure to suite everyone's surfing habits. And here's something interesting for mobiles exclusively, and of course free!

The AVG Uninstaller.

I have heard about this product before, but I do not really know if I will need it. As the name suggests, it is a program  uninstaller for mobile devices. But not the regular uninstaller, it gives you a "reason" to uninstall a program. Here's how.

According to App Usage

The application starts collecting data with your phone the moment you first open it up. It takes 72 hours to see which application you use the least and the amount of memory each program has taken.  It also sorts out the number of days each app has not been used. From this data, you will know which one is not really needed and just taking up space.

According to Data Usage

If you bring with you your mobile whilst going away from the country, then be careful to monitor your online activity. This program tells you which application does eat all your data allowances. If you happened to know the incident when a teen ager raked up a bill of $6000 when she went overseas for a holiday, this application will give you the hint, to which one incurred the bill. The useful  point here is  it gives you the total data used for that day, rather than the accumulated data. This will give you an idea, whether to still use the application or keep it closed for the time being.

 If you go online with free wi-fi, then this is not relevant.

According to Battery Usage

If you are puzzled on what's going on with your battery that it doesn't last that long, chances are you are blaming the screen that is too bright and is taking all the power unnecessarily. The next usual step is to turn down the screen brightness up to the minimum. But is this worth it? For me, I can not see anything when I am in the broad daylight when the screen is too low. Wouldn't be able to use the phone because I won't be able to tap on the numbers for my unlock code. This move makes my phone useless.

It is not just the screen that is causing the battery to drain, but the applications that are running in the background, or other apps that doesn't look like power hungry. Tapping the "Battery Usage" will tell you which application uses the most power. And from there, you will know which one to turn off or force to shut down, or even uninstall.

According to Storage

If you are annoyed that you can no longer add file to your phone because of storage shortage, then tapping "Storage Use"  gives you the answer. Not like "Data Use" that gives you the day to day summary, this sums all the data being kept by a certain application. You can clear the data of the application in question or delete it.

To delete just tick(1) the box of the application, then tap the uninstall (2) button which tells you how many of the apps are selected for deletion, then just tap OK(3) to uninstall.

To get the AVG uninstaller  follow this link


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