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4 Useful Google Search Tips

Google is synonymous to internet search.The name of the brand is known more as a search engine than any other services that it provides, like blogging, emailing and other useful internet tools.  Interesting bit about the search function is, it incorporates every aspect of online activity, and other productivity tools that are otherwise preloaded  with your computer.  Here are interesting tips that makes google do more than just online searching.

Better MP3 Search

If you are looking for free MP3's, tweaking the search query will give you a better result. Try searching with this format, "intitle:index of mp3 + "artist name". If you are a fan of Jason Mraz(like me), you can search his songs with  the format, type in at the search box  intitle:index of mp3 + “Jason Mraz” .

Clicking the top search result brought me to this page, a list of his songs in MP3 format ready to play or download.

To download the file, play it first by clicking on it, then right click anywhere around the black background and click "save as". If you happen to right click at the player, the dialogue will be "save video as". You can still save this the same as the "save as" option.

 This would not matter as it will be saved as an MP3 format.

Note: Just be careful when you come up with other results as they are dodgy. They let you log in into a "pre generated username and password" but if you look closely, the said password and username remains the same. Others let you sign up to offers, or do a survey. Legitimate sites do not let you do anything before download.

Show Inactive Sites

If you notice a site that can no longer be accessed, most probably it is already down for good. It will still appear within  the search results, but the pages can no longer load.  You can access some of it's part by viewing it's cached data collected by google. To do this, type in this syntax "cache:URL" in the search field. Example is the site, which was down since July 12 and which I was a member for a year, the syntax would be


Yes, google can be used as a calculator. Instead of  looking for the calculator apps, which is annoyingly buried under folders and directories, you can go straight to google and key in the numbers plus the calculations you  are working on the search box. It can be used with simple mathematical problem to complex ones. 

Instant Searches

Instant search in google is quite a handy tool. Instead of looking for information around the web, you can let google tell you straight away within the search results. Here's a few example.

Know World Time In an Instant

Instead of searching for "world time" to know if it's a good hour to call home, google search can tell you the time in every city or country by typing this syntax, "time" +  "city or country" (Time Philippines) in the search field. 

Know World Weather In an Instant

It can also tell you weather around the world in an instant. Just type in the syntax in this format "weather" + "city or country". This saves you trouble of downloading apps that serve the same purpose.

Know Your IP Address

Again, instead of going to a site that can detect IP (Internet Protocol) Adress, you can just let google search tell you by typing "my ip address" in the search box.

Know Flight Status

 You can track the status of your flight  whether it is on time or delayed by typing in the name of the airplane company + flight number, like Delta flight 5778.

Google indeed is a very effective tool in everyday computing. It makes life easier for us, and even makes life cheaper because of free downloads and free tools. Imagine a free full office suite that otherwise worth hundreds. And most of all, it is giving us the taste of future computing, which is everything we need is at the web. This would mean, no more downloading applications, no more tedious updating and everything we need, is just in a click!

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