Sunday, 14 July 2013

Top Smartphones for the Bargain Hunters

If you are looking for a smartphone but put off by high prices, then read on, you are in the right page. Here are the top of the line budget smartphones from the top manufacturers, and ofcourse, without the high tag price that keeping you out from deciding to have one. Cheaper as they are does not necessarily mean that they can not give you most of the functions of the more expensive versions and will not lag behind in performance as well.

The Mini

Mini me's are becoming popular and for the latest handsets and brands. If you could not get the full blown version because of budget restrictions, then the mini's are the best alternative. If you are a Samsung fan, there is an available mini's of their top selling S3 and S4. The lower specs minis might be short on power, but they are more cute than their big brothers. The trimmed down overall size is more attractive to mobile users who prefer to operate mobiles with one hand.

Best Price for the S3 Mini

Best Price for the S4 Mini
Pay Monthly and Pay Monthly Upgrade = £25 to £26
Pay As You Go= NotAvailable
Unlocked £389

Best Price for the S4 Mini

Pay Monthly and Pay Monthly Upgrade =£15
Pay As You Go £249 + £10 Top Up
Pay As You Go Upgrade £229
Unlocked £259

The "Just Replaced" Versions

Nothing can beat the older version prices specially when a new  variant arrives. They can be cheap as chips, half price, or can be bundled with goodies and extras that are hard to resist. If you are patient to wait until a new variant becomes available, say at least 1 to 2 years wait, then you won't be disappointed. As the price will surely drop. Like the Samsung S3, for those who have waited, this is the time to get one . Now you can get it only for £17 per month monthly tariff from the original £35, or buy it SIM Free for only £287.95 from almost £400 tag price when it first hit the shelves. The catch is, you need to be hurry to get offers like this as they do not last long. Click on the photo below before it runs out!

The Cheaper Alternatives

They are always cheaper than the leading brands but can give users the same specifications and enjoyment, like the Huawei P6. At 6.18mm thickness, it is considered the slimiest smartphone in the world to date. Like the Samsung S4, it has a Quadcore processor running at 1.5GHZ, with 4.7 inch screen. Like the newest apple mobiles, it also takes micro-SIM card. If you like the looks and feel of the all aluminium frame of Blackberry Z10, then you will not miss it with the Ascend P6. It is constructed with aluminium alloy frame and back cover that gives it's very light 125 grams weight. It also has the essential connectivity of most smartphones like wi-fi, bluetooth, and hotspot function except NFC. I am not personally dismayed with this as I do not see much of practical application for this function at the moment. And at only £21 per month tariff with this new release, and a free silicon bumper cover included, it is a sure bargain.

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