Sunday, 4 August 2013

How to Use Apple TV to Stream Multimedia From Android Devices

If you have an appleTV, and want to stream photos and other multi-media files from an android device then you are at luck that it is now possible with paid application. But if you are not keen of coughing up more money for apps and do not want other physical contraptions then there are free apps than  can do this. Though it may not be a solution for those who want to stream HD contents specially videos because of bugs and limited functions.

I use Samsung S3 for this tutorial and a free AppleTV Airplay Media Player (Zappo TV). Here's how to do it.

The AppleTV Airplay Media Player (Zappo TV)


1. From your mobile, download the application from apple store. Search Airplay Media Player (Zappo TV)

2. Open the app and tap the upper right button(1) to create an account. You have an option to receive news letter from the developer when you click(2) yes, or just finish off with tapping done(3) at the top right hand corner.

3. You do not need to authenticate your registration, you can log in straight away with your credentials.  At the "Browse" page you can see the services  like "Video Podcasts", "YouTube" and etc. And at the bottom, you can see other pages like "Now Playing", "MyZappoTV" , "Devices" and "Help".


Make sure the AppleTV and your android phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi access.

4. There is no complicated set up that is needed at the receiving end, just turn on appleTV and the telly.

5. On your android device with the application running, tap "Devices" (4) and under "Your Home Network", see if Apple TV  is detected. If not, check the connection of the AppleTV on your router.

6.Tap Apple TV(5) to select it. Once selected, it should appear at the "Currently Selected Apple TV Player"(6).

Your telly will output the logo of the application at it's screen.

Playing Media

7. Go back to "Browse" (7)and select the media you want to stream, at this point there is a video service for youtube and  others. To stream a file from the android device, go to "Android Gallery"(8) and from there, you can select your photo, music or video files.

8. Once selected an item (example here is a photo file), an icon saying "TV off " is shown, Tap(9) it to turn it on.

The android device will then be beaming the selected file onto your telly.

My thoughts

This app is good in streaming photos from an android device but after sometime it stops working. Streaming videos is also good, but struggles to output large files.  I am thinking of a bug that might need fixing in the future. Because it is free and if you are just looking for something to use your appleTV to stream photos, then this application is worth a try. 


Whilst waiting for an update to fix bugs(when it stops working), the temporary fix that I usually do(to android apps that stops working) is to clear it's data and cache. You can do this by going to the Android's Settings, Applications Manager, select AppleMediaTV, clear data, clear cache, then restart your apps.

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