Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Vectone International Call Scam

I was a fan of Vectone international sim card way back until 2011. In fact it's been my favourite international call provider for years until a negative experience put me into thinking Vectone is a dubious company after all. This all started when I fall into their country saver offer that gives 1500 minutes to call a single sun cellular number in the Philippines for £15 a month. This translate into 1 pence per minute. The first 6 days was ok, but the service encountered a technical problem on the 7th until the 29th day. On the 30th day, the service resumed and I was left with 800 minutes to finish. 

Is this scam?

A fraudulent business scheme is considered a scam. And I think this is what happened. They did not deliver the service I have bought and they did not give me a refund. Instead head ache of everyday chasing them through phone calls( thanks God it's free call). I understand that customer service can not do anything as they do not own the company, but when they told me that they tried to ring me and I wasn't responding made me angry as they never did.

Problems reported on using Vectone

Country saver problem!

This is the one that I experienced that made me quit Vectone, and it's not only me that had this problem, an anonymous reader had the same problem with the company's country saver promo the same year as I had mine.

Hi! I'm currently subcribed to vectone country saver. Can you please tell me how to call to phil? I tried 0063932**** and +63932**** but I still couldn't be able to call. I hope you can help me. Thanx.
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Missing credit!

I did not experience this (or perhaps did not noticed this happening) but an anonymous reader was disgruntled with it.

I've got another problem from vectone again.They charged me with £15 for the renewal of my account but the minutes remains zero.i called them a couple of times and they keep telling me to wait for 24's almost two weeks now and they haven't fixed it's so frustrating!i called again a while ago but I wasn't finish talking to him, he put the phone down.they answer calls for ages and that's what i got!the guy told me that he could not see the payment in their system!how come?it's in my bank statement!This vectone system is giving me headache!their customer service sucks!i emailed them already.i hope they will take action on this matter.
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Charging too much!

I did forgot Vectone for a while but a reader recently commented at my 2011 post, about another Vectone problem. In fact he made a little clip to warn Vectone users and those who are enticed to try their product. See video below his post.

vectone completely scammed me at least 3 times now and i will never part my money with them again after the last time i topped up.. they had taken a total of £9 from me in a matter of 2 hours from topping up when i only made a 37 minute and a 3 minute call and 1 sms text to another vectone user internationally at a usual rate of only 1p per minute as was charged earlier and later on that day. the rate is and always had been only 1p per minute but several occasions they have seemed to charge whatever the hell they like and take masses of my credit! check this vid and spread the word!!!
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Share this post if you happened to have been scammed in any way of the problems above or any other ways. You can also post your problem here and let's try to warn others on how they can be ripped off! 

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