Saturday, 29 June 2013

Power From Heat and Water

Can we survive without mains electricity supply? Today's gadget generation may say they can't even survive the annoyance of a few hours unable to use their mobiles, tablets or laptop. And many may say it is impossible for the grid to even fail for a day with today's advanced technology, but what if it does?

But thanks, there are several sources that can supply you the electricity needed for the day to power up gadgets. And you might be thinking of a solar charger that can just be plug in with your device under the sun,  without much effort. Clean and green as it is, it has it's limitations. It can only work during the day. What about during the night or on a stormy weather? That's where the dynamo powered charger has the edge over in that particular situation. It can provide power as long as you are cranking it. The problem about this is, you'll need to spend more of your strength in order to power up gadgets that demand more electric power. In this case, you might need a bigger and heavier dynamo.

The Power Pot

There is an interesting option on generating electricity without doing any physical work, like solar powered, and can work anywhere, like the dynamo charger. The PowerPot is a thermoelectric generator. It converts any heat source directly into power. This means that you don't have to worry about batteries as long as you have any heat source, like burning logs, stove, and even the heat from hot spring.  It does this by converting temperature difference between the base of the pot and the water inside the pot. The bigger the difference,  say put an ice or ice water on it and start heating it up, the more the output power it can provide. If you are  worried about the power cord that might get burnt, the lead is made from  a special flame resistant lead .

This technology is useful and can make a big difference in places where no power grid is present. It is not only for gadgets, it can be for anything. The possibilities are endless in terms of application.You can put it into a permanent natural heat source say from a hot spring, and you can have all the electricity you have for free.  Useful as it is, when developed further, could mean a threat to the grid!

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