Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Problem Solver Recorder

Do you have computer problems, especially with windows operating system, that you would like to share to others and see if they have solutions? Long before, I tell my friends to use remote access programs, particularly team viewer, to see what's going on, and that's the method I did to resolve  a friend's monitor showing a rotated image. This is good but this includes, conversation  over the phone and a program to download for the other party.  Another method is to tell them to take screen shots and label as necessary on what's happening before sending it as an email. Both are time consuming and can delay the help they needed.

One thing I did not know is that there is a program within windows that can record exactly what you are doing and makes a screen shot with every mouse activity. This makes error reporting very easy and mess free. You do not need to do anything, or download any program to make a professional looking error reporting. Here's how to access it.

Enabling Problem Solver Recorder

I am using a Fujitsu windows 7 with this tutorial. 

Click start (1), type cmd (2) at the search window, press enter.  At the command console, type psr (3), then press enter. The PSR tool bar will appear.

Using PSR

Start Recording

It is so easy to use, just press the record button and it will start taking screen shots with every mouse activity and automatically write a narrative of what is happening. If you do not want to record a particular mouse activity, just press pause record and when you are ready, press the record button again.

I would recommended to close all windows except the one you are working on or thinking of recording it to lessen the confusion.

Stop and Save Recording

Clicking the stop button (1) would save your recording usually at the desktop on a zip folder. You can name (2) the folder anything you want but the file name within has a default name and can't be renamed.

Inside the zip folder(1) is the file name of the MHTML document(2). You do not need to unzip it like other zip files. just click it and it opens instantly. It can be emailed to a friend or to an IT support as an attachment. Just be sure to review your recording as it can record sensitive information through the screen shots. You can also review your screen shots as slide shows when previewing.

You can email the zip folder to your contact and the recipient can easily open it without any additional tool.

Click link below to view sample of  the recording using PSR.

This recorder can be used not only to ask for help, but to explain a user's activity without any sweat!

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