Sunday, 9 June 2013

Wirelessly Control Android Phone on a PC

The latest android smartphones has massive screen that enhances enjoyment in watching movies, video calling and contributes in easy touch operation. Another trick of the android in terms of enhanced operation, specially Samsung, is the ability to control it without wires on your computer using the an app called Kies. This takes advantage of the wifi technology to transfer files, manage contacts, SMS, notes and so on, without the use of USB cables (see previous post at ). 

Airdroid is a similar program that can do what Kies can do wirelessly.

Here how to do it. Before you do this, make sure you have a google play account and both devices(pc and phone) are connected to your home wifi.

1. On your PC, go to and get android2 free. You will be directed to log in into google play. 

2. Download it and the list of devices connected with the google play credentials will be at the droplist. Select your phone and a notification will be sent to your phone. 

In case you have multiple accounts and forgot which one you've used to set up google play , just go to google play on your phone and download airdroid from there.

3.Once downloaded, launch application from your phone and create your airdroid account.

4. Then relaunch the application. Type in your computer and get ready to log in either by scanning the QRcode or just type the user name and password.

 If the airdroid interface appears not loading and stucked to 0%, just refresh the page, sometimes it takes time connecting especially when your wifi has many users or your phone and laptop are doing something else. 

5. Once connected, you can access, messages, read or send them, edit contacts, download music from your device or vice versa, change ringtones, view pictures. Though viewing videos is sluggish so it is not recommended.  The function that impresses me most is the ability for the application to control the phone's camera. 

The function that impressed me most is it's ability to control the camera. With a little imagination this can be used as a home security ip camera. This means the view that the phone's camera is mirrored to the laptop. The phone can be focused for example on your door and you can see who's knocking on the laptop's screen. The only downside is, it can not be accessed from devices outside the home wifi coverage as both devices should be connected at the same SSID.

Watch how it can be used as a security internet protocol camera.

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