Monday, 25 February 2013

Mobile Phone With Walkie Talkie

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It is difficult to decide which one is the best in mobile phones. As a user can only define which one is number one according to how he uses it and that suits his needs. Whilst others prefer the latest in technology, others prefer a much simpler one that provides just the basic telephony service.

It is true that the latest smartphone can do more functions and unifies the gadgets that we tend to carry around. A modern day swissknife that let us do many things in a smaller and simpler package. As a regular user, I must admit that I am fascinated with this gadget more than anything else and wonder how they could fit in everything in a very limited space. How clever the inventors and innovators are. But I also wonder which  function, gadget or hardware they will add into a mobile devices in the future, aside from a high  end resolution cameras, compasses, navigators, multimedias etc. etc. Can you think of anything that a future mobile phone will carry to it's already awesome collection of tools and hardware?

One of the online consumer surveys I participated asked the same question and one of the possible choices is a walkie talkie or "radio, and I thought, why not?

I do not know much about the laws in using walkie talkies but  as far as I know it doesn't necessarily need a license to operate, and doesn't need a maintenance balance to use. It is a free communication but limited in range. I do not say I prefer talking using this device over mobile phone but it is good to have aside from a mobile phone. And I think it is even greater if it is built in with a mobile phone. So that in case you are out of cellular coverage, you can still be reached from other walkie talkie's nearby. It can also save you money specially when going out with friends or family into an amusement park or mall. Instead of using your network operator  and being charged for it, just use the free radio signal with the walkie talkies. 

I can imagine that built in walkie talkie is financially beneficial to the users, but would have a threat in mobile operator's profit. This might be the reason why it is not a standard hardware with almost all  brands, popular or non popular. Or makers may thought that it can just add to the cost of the unit whilst user's are not keen of using it as it is not cool to use and looks like going back to a primitive way of communication. 

Whatever the reason of the manufacturers not to incorporate this kind of function, there are a few companies that make this product. Specially designed for the rugged outdoor surroundings, it is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof. It has a built in GPS for the adventurous and explore crazy users. And who cares if you will be away for days or weeks without mains power? Aside from the included twin batteries, it can also be charged with a handheld dynamo which is also included with the package.  And like the usual phone, it  has a led light, and camera to record videos or snap away your adventures. Made for the tough man yet gentle on the budget, this device would make a good impression as a present.

Watch how tough this phone is!

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