Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sony Xperia Z

Buy me at £36/monthly plus £299
worth of Sony Headphone
Here's another addition to smart mobile temptations hard to resist, the new Sony Xperia Z. Is it the last edition of the Xperia range that's why it is called Z, and will be the beginning of a new name after it? The Xperia fans need not to panic as this is just a personal question, knowing that "Z" is the last in the set of alphabet. If it is, this might be the best Xperia ever to be built!

The Specs

What experience will the variant "Z" can give the user?

This 5 inch TFT stunner  is powered with google's Jelly Bean 4.1 operating system. Build with a quadcore CPU from Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 prochip processor, which is running at 1.5ghz, is faster than the other popular models from Samsung and Apple like the S3 and iPhone5 but about the same with the new comer from Blackberry Z10. Other similarities with the BBZ10 are the same amount of RAM at 2 GB, 16GB of storage plus an additional expansion of upto 32GB more using a microSD card. The camera can take a whopping 13MP of data per shot taken from the rear and 2.1 MP from the front, enough to stream a decent video when making a video call. The screen resolution can blow users away with it's stunning 1920 x 1080 at 443 ppi density, way higher than the 356ppi of the BBZ10. But then again, might be unnoticeable when viewed in it's native 5inch screen. The usual WiFi and bluetooth connectivity is also standard plus the addition of NFC for future near field compliant devices and services. It can also give the user a taste of the fastest, at the moment,  4G mobile data connectivity. Battery life is claimed to get the user continuous talk time of 11 hours with it's 2370mAh removable power house.

Distinct Feature

Did your phone ever get sticky after accidentally poured with soda, or after eating chocolate? What did you do, wipe it with a damp cloth or paper? With this phone, just pour it with water or wash it with soap without thinking of water damage! The distinct feature of this device aside from the obvious win with higher numbers on it's hardware is it's being water proof. It can stay submerged for half an hour under water with it's tightly fitted port covers. The tight fit might annoy other users but it is designed like that for a good cause. This feature is a must for forgetful user's with clumsy hands, and for those with even clumsier hands, will be thankful for the tough "Dragontail" glass screen.

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Where To Buy

It comes in white, black and purple in colour, this phone is available to preorder online at the carphonewarehouse or dialaphone. Other retailers will soon follow, but at the time of this post, both the retailers are giving away a sony headphone for every pay monthly pre orders. Line rental starts from £36 a month with a generous monthly allowance of unlimited minutes, unlimited text and 1GB of data. The handset is free and with free delivery.

 And here's the temptation to buy it, the free sony headphone is worth £299 when bought on it's own. Pre order now until 27th of February to get this offer!

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