Sunday, 24 February 2013

Bluetooth Dual Sim Phone Kit

Good news to those who always carry two phones, two different numbers in a given day. Like those who like to separate their personal calls from their professional or work conversations. Those who do on calls in a busy life threatening work, as they will be calling from the other line doing family or leisure conversation and the other number on standby, waiting for the operator's code alert to quickly dash off and do some unblocking of coronary artery or something similar. 

This device tends to lighten up your pocket and jacket, free from other mobile phones with different numbers. It does this by accommodating two separate sim cards, from different networks, and connects the two new signals to your smart phone by bluetooth. This promises to make a phone that has only one sim card into a dual or even tri-sim card phone, clever! Even better is, as the Bluetooth Dual Sim Phone Kit can take any simcard from any network, even if your phone is not unlocked, it can virtually use any sim that the phone kit device can handle. As it just function as a transmission bridge that passes the audio conversation from the active simcard to your phone's speaker and microphone.

The device is advertised for apple and android devices. Though apple products should be jailbraked to enable installation of the software. It doesn't only work with mobile phones but it can also work with tablet computers, smart music devices that can download and install apps. Now you can send a text and place a call with your tablets and other bluetooth enabled gadgets as long as the corresponding software installed.  The application to make it work varies and goes with which brand of the phone kit.

 One particular brand is Gmate, that can give additional telephony service to both apple and android devices.    You can search it's app, skyroam gmate, at the play store when you are using am android. Brave apple device owners should do a jailbreak first and download the application from third parties as the app is not available at iTunes.

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