Thursday, 7 March 2013

Generous Cloud Free Storage

Smartphone users are growing each day, in fact there are 1 billion smartphones in use all over the globe since the end of 2012. That's just 5 years since apple opened the door with the first iPhone. As these gadgets are getting smarter everyday, with millions of possibilities of what they could become, thanks to apps, one of the real problem of having one is shortage of storage. Android users are lucky enough to have expandable and removable storage, but the likes of apple fans are limited and fixed to what the manufacturer gives them. This is a not so good news to generations of digital data users, either your device is a smartphone, computer, game console or smart TV.

Storage Shortage

To add more storage, apple offers it's users 5GB of free storage in icloud. Online storage is a practical solution to frequently accessed and shared files, like applications, photos, music, videos, and even documents. It is very useful for writers who do their work from different locations and use multiple device flat forms. As long as they have internet connection, any file is ready to be accessed, edited, and saved. 

But free 5 GB is not enough. This just translates into at least 1190 photos in 12 mega pixel camera with a file size of 3.6MB. What if you have videos, music and other files you want to access anywhere? The convenience that a cloud storage offers has a price.  Additional icloud storage from apple starts from $20 a year from for an additional 10GB, and if that is still not enough, be prepared to shell out $100 for a 50GB yearly storage!

Free Storage

If you are not ready to pay for a cloud storage then the solution is to look for freebies, like dropbox, googledrive, skydrive and others. The only problem is, they can only provide a little amount of digital space of at least 2GB to 7GB. The good news is you can sign up to any freebie space providers as many as you want but the bad news is, the inconvenience of signing on and off between these providers  that would become a nightmare when you could not remember where you have stored a specific file and on which provider.  

Generous Free Storage

To prevent confusion and headache of multiple accounts, and if you are not really prepared to dip into your pocket but is really desperate of having an online storage, then these freebie from these companies can provide your digital data, an abundant storage solution. The amount of free storage might change in the future, as well as their terms and conditions.

Personal basic plan from adrive gives the user 50GB of free storage and 2GB file size upload. This is a real generous solution to Android and Apple users. As this is a free account, the web interface is loaded with mandatory banner adverts and emails.

If you are a BT broadband customer, then you could be eligible for a free 50GB of storage. See how much storage you get by logging in to your BT account here.

Although it is still in it's Beta state, this one from New Zealand is my favourite, it has a clean interface and very easy to create an account. I made one for myself in less than 5 minutes. It offers 50GB of free space and you need not to worry if you have a large file. It has an unlimited size file upload.

Here's another favourite, it offers 50GB of free storage and 500mb of file size upload. It has a downloadable program to upload files from your computer without the need of a browser. It also has a mobile application.

There you go, free storage that offers premium capacity!

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