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Cheaper Calls With Rebtel

Register for free 5 international minutes!
Do we still make overseas call when we can use voice over internet protocol for free? Those who are always with high speed internet and have VOIP application installed might no longer need it, but people like me, whose contacts are mainly without the convenience of a reliable high speed internet is a must. It is a necessity that even if it costs arms and legs, I still need to do it. Thanks we have phone cards, international call sim card operators and pay as you go international bundles with popular networks.

Problem with phone cards is sometimes the connection and the quality of the calls are not good. The most annoying part is when you get charged the moment you are connected to the routing access number even when the international number you're trying to call is busy, unreachable or the worst, has not made a connection yet. 

International sim card service is also good, straight forward to use, no access number to dial and no pin number to memorize. Just be careful with their deals. I have a bad experience with an operator's country saver deal of 1500 free minutes for a month. I just used about 100 minutes until the interruption of service because of their own technical fault for 27 days. They did not return the unused credits.

VOIP like skype, is for free communication, but only for those who have the required equipments, it is brilliant and cheap. But as the service is internet connection dependent, sometimes it is not practical. 

A better alternative to VOIP, phone cards, and international sim card is Rebtel. It has a VOIP free communication like the Skype, cheap rate like a local phone (5.49pence to call Philippine landline and 6.49pence to call mobile), and the flexibility of a mobile. Rebtel works in assigning a local number in place of the international number of your contact. As it is a local number, the charges is also local. You can dial this generated number of your international contact with any PC's, tablets, land line phones, basic mobile phones, or smart phones. 

Video on how it works on landline:

When using a mobile basic phone, you can use your free minutes allowance provided by your network to dial the assigned local number of your international contact. And if you have a smartphone, ( apple, android or blackberry), you can download their Rebtel application and use Wi-Fi instead of the free minutes. And just use the inclusive allowance when away from Wi-Fi access.

Video using Rebtel on a mobile :

The best thing is you can try the product first before you buy. See for yourself about the quality of call and the connection. You can register here or above advert and get your first 5 minutes of international call for free.

Using Rebtel

I've started using the service with the free 5 minutes. It was a call placed to a Philippine Mobile. Rebtel has converted the Philippine number into a local UK number that starts with 0207. Because I have an unlimited local number from BT, I used my landline to do this. The call was clear and did not interrupt until I finished the 5 free minutes.

The second test was using a mobile. I turned on airplane mode so my mobile network is disabled and used Wi-Fi to connect (Data,Wifi, 3G button). Connection is alright but the first 2 calls did not maintain connection. The third call had no problem until I stopped after 20 minutes.

I used my provider's network on the third test(local phone). The connection is the same as when using Wi-Fi or landline. The quality of call is clear and no interruption.

The only downside that I can think of is the 15% Lux Tax for users who are members of the EURO union. The 15% tax is not reflected on the total calling credit. For example your £7 calling credit is actually charged £8.05.

Screenshots of calls and costs.

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