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Edit Mobile Videos With FreeMake

Download Freemake Video Converter
Do you take videos with your phone? I usually do, because mobiles are more handy to bring along than a proper video camera. But most of the time I am not aware that it is up-side-down or tilted to the left or to the right when I use it. Who cares, specially when I only play it back with the phone I took the video with. I am confident that it will be corrected automatically with the auto rotate function of the phone later during playback.

The problem arises when I try to upload it online. The resulting video will be tilted to the right and there's nothing the viewers can do than to tilt their heads inline with the video's orientation. There is a basic built in video editor in my phone that can do the job of correctly reorienting the video, but there is a free program that can do this and can do more. It is a free program that can be downloaded for windows or apple. It is easy to use and can output the edited video into popular formats and has a button to upload it into social networks straight away.

Editing Videos with Freemake Video Converter

The most common problem when you are shooting a video with your mobile is the orientation of the resulting clip. Most often, the video is tilting sideways when you shoot a clip with the phone upright. Freemake can help you easily reorient the movie correctly.

1. After download of the software(just click the logo above ) the first step is to transfer the mobile phone movie to your computer where the Freemake Video Converter software is installed. 

2.Then open up the software, click Video+, go to the directory of the movie and select it from there. It should register in the software's interface.

3. The next step is to trim the movie by clicking on the editing room button(1).This will get you into the editing mode where you can cut the part of the movie you do not want. To cut or discard a part of the movie, slide the button of the time line to the part you want to discard and click the first scissors button(2). This will mark the beginning of the part you do not like. Then move the timeline button up to the part that you do not like, then click the last scissors icon(3). This will mark the end of the cut. Then click the third scissors button to delete the selected scenes(4).

Do it again on the parts you want to discard.

4. After trimming and discarding the parts you did not want, re-orient your video by rotating it into 90%  clockwise by clicking the CW button, or CCW if the video is rotated the other way. Do not forget to click OK to save the changes.

5. Now you are ready to convert the video. Click on the convert button and choose which format you want. If you want to play your video into a another portable devices like PSP, iPhone, iPad, iPod,  and others,  choose MP4. After conversion, you can load the converted file and upload it to youtube, or transfer it to any device. 

There is also an option to upload your videos straight away to youtube. Personally I prefer to convert it first  into mp4 before uploading because I find it faster.

Why convert? 

Raw videos taken from a HD or high frame rate smart phones are much larger in size and if you upload these videos without converting first could take sometime, as the website you upload to will still do the conversion  into smaller package. 

Converting them into smaller sizes can reduce the upload time significantly and reduce the time before your videos become live or ready to view.

6. If the cutting of your videos resulted in creating many clips, or you want to join other clips in one continuous video, just open them all in the freemake's interface and turn on join clips, click convert and choose your conversion parameters!

The resulting clip edited with Freemake showing some clips during the launch of the Windows 8 phone in London with my "borrowed" identity!

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