Saturday, 10 November 2012

Practical Features of IOS 6

IOS 6 is not only available to the new iPhone 5, the latest apple mobile phone released. The older iPhone 4 or 4S can also be upgraded to IOS 6. This newest operating system makes everything faster than the previous one. It also bundled with features that makes even the older devices do more and simplify things by launching a function in fewer taps, thus saving more time.  

Here are some of changes that the IOS 6 I think are useful, specially to the old iPhone models.

Battery Percentage Indicator

The first feature I noticed is the presence of battery percentage indicator at the top of the screen. This feature can be turned on or off by presing to the Home Screen>Settings>General>Usage(then scroll down further)>Battery Usage> then turn on the On button.

You can monitor more accurately the approximate remaining time for your phone before it needs charging. The percentage data can also give you a hint on when to turn off some features of the phone to keep your phone running the ability to receive calls for longer.

Email Attachment Made Easier

Sending email attachment was a nightmare in the previous Mail native application. Copying and pasting one at a time at the files you want to attach was a pain. This time with the new IOS 6 it is easier. 

Whilst at the compose mode at the mail application, lightly tap a part of the typing area and tap the arrow after Select All to get to the attachment menu. From there you can attach photos or videos.

Ease of Button Access

The iPhone's distinct one function button interface makes it simple to use. But sometimes there are times that you wish it has other buttons to get you from a function to another without pressing repeatedly at the same single button. And sometimes that single button becomes stiff and needs a stronger push for it to work. Taking a screen shot requires two hands and a combination of two buttons, which is not really user friendly to do, as one will be holding the phone and pressing the power button and the other pressing the home button to make the combination.

With the Assistive Touch, you can do the task with only one touch. Activate it by going to the Settings>General>Accessibility>Physical & Motor>then turn on Assistive Touch.

This will show a button that can be dragged and positioned anywhere you want in your screen. The button can give you an immediate access to the Home button, favourites, Voice Control, and functions of the device like lock and unlock and rotation of the screen, volume control and mute, screenshot and can check the opened application.

Add Fun Emoticons and Clip Arts on Messaging Applications

Make your messages more interesting by inserting emoticons, symbols, and signs. This is compatible to notes, messages, emails and social network status updates. This is activated by adding other keyboard function on the iPhone.

Go to Settings>General>Keyboard>Keyboards>Add New Keyboard>choose Emoji. On the keyboard, you will notice a new globe icon at thee second left bottom of the screen. Press that and a large collection of signs, symbols, clip arts and emoticons is ready to use in your messages. Impress your friends by adding this in your messages.

Spotlight Search

The spotlight search is beefed up some muscle as it can tell you the folder where a certain item is located. It is useful when you are looking for a  certain application from a folder you can not remember. It also works with any file, music files for example. Very useful when you keep hundred of songs inside your device. This saves you from  opening folders and scrolling through the contents of the folder.

Last Tip

Though it is a bit lengthy to update an apple product,  it is worth the trouble. The last thing you do not want to do is to lose file in the process. It is very important to do a back up before you start updating, as this may wipe out files and can no longer be recovered.

This is done by right clicking the name of your connected device on the iTunes interface and clicking back up. And I would choose to back my files up both into my computer and up the cloud.

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