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The Samsung Galaxy S III

This is a mission post  submitted for samsung mobilers.

Quad core, S beam(NFC), s voice (siri equivalent), wifi direct, 20 burst shots, these are just a few of what's to expect with the new Samsung Galaxy S III, the latest, most powerful slimmest and sexiest  galaxy varaint at the moment. It has landed and now available to all mobile retailers over the UK! 

Why do you and I want to have one? Here's my reasons why I've fallen for the S3, the S3 factors.

Shame I have the S2 recently, but nevertheless, it's hard not to dream about and  get my hands on the new S3! What I like the most on Samsung's high end smartphones is the vibrant screen, second is  the ability to customize the screen the way I like it. The S3 has added attractions and new tricks to awe the users. Here's a list of some of the features.

Lock screen rippling effect.

The first noticeable boast is the way it mesmerises users when they touch the screen. It's like touching a bucket of water as the image ripples when the screen is unlocked. This is not really new and there are apps like this. The original samsung galaxy has this kind but as a wall paper but it has not been used in the locked screen before.

The bigger screen is also a plus not only to game addicts but to movie fans as well.

Quad core

A buzz on iPhone 4's quadcore turned out to be a misunderstanding and misleading to apple fans. It was actually the graphics that has the extras and not  it's processor.

This time at Samsung, when they say quadcore, it is really a quadcore processor! If you believe that two heads are better than one, then what is four heads? I am guessing than Samsung wants to make a killing on gamers, and thinking two steps ahead on the future of mobile gaming, which is getting more sophisticated and needing more processing power as it progresses.

The S beam

This is actually a new kind of  wireless sharing protocol, like the bluetooth and wi-fi. The S beam or NFC(near field communication) which is already existing in debit and credit card applications, is a kind of technology in data transfer that covers distances up to 10 cm, with data transfer rates from 106, 212 or 424 kbits/sec. This kind of contact less technology on transactions with the debit and credit cards that is embedded with this device would change the way we shop in the future. There will be no need to carry our  cards, just our phones to do all the shopping. Convenient! 

The S voice

Like the SIRI, the S voice can answer your questions about locations, weather, the time or anything that is in it's data base. You can also dictate what's on your mind and it happily types the word for you, then it can send it as a message or text to anyone in your contact without lifting a finger. Indeed, it is your personal digital slave.
See what you can do more with S voice at

Text to voice call

While reading a text message, just lift the phone into your ear and the number that have texted you will be dialled. This saves time and few screen touches. It also enables you to respond faster. Clever!

Burst camera shot

I have not tried using any camera with a burst shot of 20 pics. My compact systems camera can only do 10 shots, but this phone can promise 20! This means you could possibly capture the moments you really are waiting for. Good for the sports enthusiasts or those new parents trying to capture the first steps of their child, or preserving those unguarded shots when having fun.

Smart stay.

It is annoying sometimes that the screen just timed out and goes blank when you are looking at your messages for sometime. Especially when you set the time out for 3 seconds just to save battery. This is a useful and sensible feature. The screen stays on until the phone's camera cannot detect the user's face or eyes focused on the screen on a certain distance. This function can be turned off as well if you prefer to wakeup your phone by touching it.

Pop out video player

Other phones stop the video you are playing when you want to do something else like calling a friend, checking your messages, or making a note. This phone does not! You have the choice to "detach" the video and continue watching while surfing the web, making a call, checking your mail or doing anything. Multi tasking, huh! What do you expect with a quadcore? Really a hardcore!

4G phone

It is a 4G enabled phone meaning it can handle the future 4G data connections that will be provided by mobile networks in the future. This means a faster internet and bigger bandwidths. The data transfer for 4G is at least 100mbit/sec. To get the idea how fast the connection is, the 3G has 3.85mbit/sec only.

Other top features

  • Dimensions: 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm
  • Weight: 133 grams
  • 4.8" HD Super AMOLED
  • 8MP Camera
  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Smart Rotation
  • Video Pop
  • S-Beam
  • 1080p Video Recording
  • 16GB Internal Storage

Where to buy?
You can get this great phone for  an effective £28.50 a month from  Dialaphone  with unlimited texts, 600 minutes talk time and 1GB data allowance.

You can get  this for £26 a month with £49 upfront cost  from  Carphonewarehouse, the lowest tariff so far, with unlimited texts, 300 minutes talk time and 750MB of data


Watch the video of the Samsung S3 in action

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