Friday, 18 May 2012

How to Extend the Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy S II

Sexy and light yet powerful, that's the Galaxy S2. The only let down with this smart phone is the battery life. In my experience, I need to recharge everyday. My usage is not really that heavy, I rarely use it for calls, I am not a game addict as well, but most of the time I use it for browsing the apps store, check social status and emails using wifi.

Contributing factors

The smaller and slimmer chassis really made an impact with the battery life, as it can only accommodate a smaller capacity power pack. It's larger and brighter screen requires more juice than smaller ones. Dual cores bring about multitasking, although useful in bringing apps into a faster pace, it takes a faster bite as well in battery consumption. Some of the apps run in the background and there is no easy one click to monitor or even disable this apps. Free apps that need to access the internet contributes to power depletion, and others that users let on and  always active like  wifi and 3G or 4G connections. All of these drink the power of the battery in no time.

To see what's drinking the most juice, go to settings, about, battery usage.

Battery Saving Tips

Decide what do you want to do with your phone.

  • If you plan not to do anything than placing a call, then disable data calls. This will disable the reception of 3G and 4G signals but will allow your phone to take 2G's or placing and receiving a call or text messages. 
  • Disable wifi when you're going away from home network. There's no point finding a wifi you can not connect to. It will only uses more battery without gaining anything.
  • Adjust the screen time out to the shortest possible time. You can also automatically adjust the screen brightness automatically.
  • Use a darker screen wallpaper, darker colours use less light, the brighter your screen the shorter your battery becomes.
  • As much as possible, just press the power button slightly to turn off the screen when you finish what you are doing. Chances are, if you wait for the screen time out before putting your phone in your pocket, you might be pressing some buttons you are not aware of and this will make the screen on for longer time. This will also avoid accidental dialling.
  • Use built in power saving mode. Customizing this setting can let you save more battery. You can tweak the screen brightness, screen time out and most of the connectivity functions from here. Press settings, power saving, custom power saving setting.

  • The galaxy S2 has a task manager than closes running applications when you press clear memory under RAM. Don't be scared as this will make the applications run faster and unloading the burden on battery usage. It does not affect the phones function on receiving calls or going online.

  • Application writers are always on their feet to keep their apps more battery friendly. Updating them will benefit not only for mobile threat attacks but to make them use power efficiently.
  • Syncronize email, social networks and other live gadget widgets manually. This prevents these applications from becoming active to use your phone's resources and battery all the time.
  • Use Juice Defender. I was skeptical with apps like this before. But juice defender does what it is advertised. The best part is it has a free version that really works. I've been using it for at least a week now and I noticed a big difference. Before, I charge once a day, now every other day! Get it by going to the Play store and just type juice defender. There is also an instruction on how to use it. Brilliant app!

  • And this is the ultimate remedy to do more with your device without clock watching what's going on within your device. Buy a bigger capacity battery pack.Use the search tool below to see what's in offer.

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