Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Accessories Your iPAD

iPad made tablets very popular. It's not just it is easier to carry around than most laptops, but I personally use it when lying down relaxing on bed. The virtual touch screen keyboard made it it all possible to type even the device is upside down. And the long life battery is suitable when watching movies on bed.

Ipad Accesories


Protecting it from bumps is the first priority when selecting an accessory. There are cheap cases out there but they are boring. There are also expensive ones and others with physical keyboards that can be connected wirelessly, but cost an arm and a leg. Good news is there are premium accessories with prices cut from 20 to 75%. The accessory below is worth £49.95 and can be bought for £16.95. A saving of at least 66%.

Screen Protectors

Protect your iPad's screen free from smudges, specially from sticky fingers of little tots, tapping games and watching videos with screen protectors. An investment of  at least £ 2.79, normally £7.99, will make sure the screen of your iPad remains pristine for years to come. Amazon give's you not just one but 6 screen protectors and a cleaning cloth for that price, the extras can serve as a back up or better tshare it to your friends that are iPad crazed as you are.


Sometimes tapping with fingers is also tiring. You just want to rest your fingers and use a stylus instead. Or sometimes you are doing something that made your fingers dirty like helping the kids with their paintings. There is a real  a call to use the stylus in these cases. So be sure to get one of these as they can be easy to bring around and can fit perfectly to the 3.5mm audio or headphone port of your device.

Sound Dock

The sound quality of the iPad is already reasonably allright  on it's own, but still can be improved by providing a docking speakers. This will improve the way you watch movie or listen to music on your iPad. The device below is not only compatible to iPad but also compatible to iPhone, and iPad. The device can also charge you device while docked and can be syncronised with iTunes without removing it from the dock. You do need to connect the usb cable to the dock and the computer though. It can also be used as am audio enhancement by any music player or games console that has a 3.5mm audio output. Normally at £119, you can get this dock for £52.55.

Camera and USB Connector

You can transfer your photos or supported videos from your camera into your iPad using this connector. It is affordable at below £3. This device can make your iPad more flexible in sharing files, as the bluetooth function has no file sharing function to other devices. You can now enjoy movies from other devices, and store or see pictures from your mobile phones through this.

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