Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Phishing Attempt on Amazon Accounts

Just the other day, I received an email supposedly coming from amazon, saying my order is successfully cancelled. The truth is, I do not know what the email is all about. I did not ordered anything from amazon this month yet. I do have an amazon account but from another email provider! It was dodgy and made me doubtful.

The email sender is from order-update@amazon.com. It sounds legitimate at first thought, but the email itself is just plain and not even in rich-text format. There is not a single amazon logo or any graphics related to amazon. Both accompanying links like the order number (103-977-685) and www.amazon.com at the bottom has the same URL address and redirects the browser to    http://ebookzforsale.com/asking.html

The legitimate automated purchase email response from amazon always comes from digital-no-reply@amazon.co.uk. The true amazon email is always with amazon graphics and logo's that has reference to amazon. All of the hyperlinks are redirected to amazon's domain and subdomains and not to strange sounding addresses.

Whatever the reason the sender of these emails is, one thing is clear, he wants to create problem on you and your computer. I suspect that this is more of a trojan attack, to infect the recipient's machine and to create more problems later on. Trojan attack is serious, as this is like a thief that have sneaked into a house and just waiting for an opportunity to open up the back door so that other bad elements can go inside the house and join him create havoc or steal anything within!

If you have received any letter from order-update@amazon.com, or any sender with similar emails, not only those supposedly coming from amazon, telling you that your order is cancelled but you know you did not ordered any, just delete the email.

Below is the discussion from amazon users that have received the same email. Read what they think at


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