Saturday, 28 May 2011

Student Visa Promise Failed!

Tales of students promised a work visa after finishing a students visa are saddening and annoying. What makes it sad is, they are too many, and what is annoying is why some people takes advantage of the many honest people eager to make a living?

Anyway the damage is already there. There are many recruits that did not finish their visas, they went home. There are also others who finished it, and wished that they have not listened to the promises of permanent jobs and high salaries. Applicants should be aware that as a student visa holders, you will be treated as students, even you land a job, you will be given a pay according to a student's status, and will be given a specific amount of time to work, which is 10 hours in a week, nothing more, legally.

What happens to those who remain to stay and are waiting for their visas to finish is a wait and see situation. As much as we, Pinoys in the UK are willing to help them, sometimes we can't do anything but feel sorry for them.

Other recruits are lucky when they have special skills, like beauty services, cutting hair, doing make ups, nails, etc., they can earn discreetly in their own time and as much as there is a client. Usually they take home services that are advertised through friends and happy costumers. This is a way of helping them and this is also a way of helping those who are like us, that are always busy and can not make a booked appointment or do not have enough time to queue up. This arrangement is better as the client will be comfortable in her own home and does not worry about traveling, and the appointment works around her time, not like in a shop that you need to work it out with the shop's time.

Just this week, we met another promised recruit that offers massage. My wife and I tried her service and we can really recommend it to all our friends. She covers London, from Hammersmith to Olympia, and it was her first at Northolt, where she had at least 5 relieved customers, including my wife and myself. This is a way of helping her and making us also a saving from her valuable service. Next time you need a massage and do not have time to go into a shop, try to book our new friend Marilee at 07553520574. Recommended for pinoy couples and other female friends!

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