Friday, 13 May 2011

Funny Free Smartphone Apps

As my kids download and install apps in my phone and I kept on deleting them. Then I tried one application that made me laugh. It's a good one, at least for me, for fun, and realise how much the apps word has developed. Apps like this is worth at least £20 or more on a PC based machine many years ago. Now they are free, everywhere and easy, straightforward to use.

Talking tom is a good start, in it's developer's site, about 3 are free and there are dozens of other apps if you want to upgrade, meaning to pay! I use the free one because I might run out of idea on where and what's for aside from having a laugh!

And it's not only for iPhone, it's for android phones as well! Just search talking tom in your smartphone's market place or itunes in iPhone!

Samples below!

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