Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mobile Internet Connection for iPad Wifi Model

One of the most disappointing feature of the iPAD is it's bluetooth connectivity. It is very temperamental. One time it can connect and pair but most of the time it does not. Many forums say it is easy to pair devices and computers but my experience says otherwise. Another frustrating thing is, when it managed to connect to a device, it can not find any bluetooth service that can be used, like object push, internet teethering, audio device( I am trying to use a garmin navigator), file transfer etc. etc., it is virtually no service offered and provided! What I have not tried is to pair with a keyboard.

Internet Teethering Problem

Out of these dissappointments, the most is lack of support for internet teethering. I can not use iphone to power it's internet connection through bluetooth, as the ipad lacks capability. This is I think a marketing strategy for the iPAD wifi + 3G! Too bad, I thought apple products support each other's capabilities and services.

The Simple Solution

Thanks to a mobile hotspot or wifi device, one can use mobile internet  in an iPAD wifi only model, anywhere. Mobile WiFi is a new way of enjoying mobile broadband on the move. Unlike ’traditional’ mobile broadband deals which connect your laptop to the mobile internet via a dongle plugged into their USB port, mobile WiFi deals still connect to the internet over 3G mobile phone networks but actually create a local WiFi network based on this connection which you connect to via your WiFi enabled device. This means of course that you can still use mobile WiFi to access mobile broadband on your laptop (and you don’t need to install any software this way) but you can also connect multiple devices at the same time - for example a portable media player like an iPod touch, any WiFi enabled mobile phone, or WiFi anabled games system. Prices varies, and can be a pay monthly or pay as you go options.

To see which option is suited to your need, please see the links below:
Carphone Warehouse
Three Mobile

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