Sunday, 8 May 2011

iPAD does not charge and does not turn on!

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One afternoon, I was online with my wife's iPAD and noticed that the battery is at 14% life. The phone rang and answered the phone. When I went back to the iPAD, the screen went black and pressing the home and even the power button does not help. My suspect was, the battery is already drained. So I plug it in with the wall charge but the usual apple logo does not splash out from the screen. I tried another USB cable but the same thing happened. Nothing and the screen is blank!

Then it was time to send the wife to work, so I plugged it in another socket and leave it there until I arrived back home about an hour later. I checked it and there was no sign of life still. I tried to connect to the Mac and fired up iTunes, nothing happened. The screen was blank and the program does not detect the device.

Worried, I took it off the Mac and plug it in at the mains socket again. While it is still plugged it, I pressed the home and power button for at least 2 to 3 minutes, then to my delight I saw the apple logo splashed out! The battery was still at 14%, that means, it was not charged when I left it plugged in for an hour, then I saw the plug icon near the battery, it is now charging.

 I do not know what really happened and this puzzled me until this time, but this was the thing I did, to this kind of iPAD problem! I did not run across the same problem again so far.


How to reset your iPAD

22 September 2011

I have a call from my friend having a problem with his iPhone4. He said he fell asleep and when he woke up his iPhone is blank, he cannot turn it on, he can not charge it and doesn't do anything.

I told him to plug in to the mains,  press the home button and power button at the same time until the logo appears. If  the logo doesn't appear in 5 minutes, release both fingers and press the power button until logo appears. If the logo at this point does not appear, call customer service.

He did what he is told and after the first instruction, it is sorted just by  pressing the home and power button at the same time until logo appears while it is connected into the mains. It didn't took 2 minutes for the logo to appear, but there are some instances that it takes more than 2 minutes.

Why connected into the mains? Just in case it is drained! I encountered mobile phones that seem like dead and do not charge when the battery is drained for sometime. They take time before the charging light comes on!

25 October 2011

At a birthday party, the host's husband was worried on his iPhone4, presenting the same problem, blank screen, can't be charged and no light turned on when plugged in. A dead iPhone 4. With the same solution, pressing the home and power botton for sometime until the apple logo shows, was the trick!


  1. Tried it with the same problem, alas didn't help. The iPad still doesn't charge, nor is the iTunes recognizing the iPad.

  2. Does your iPAD screen blank? If hard resetting does not help, I think the best is to call costumer service. Thanks for the comment anyway.


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