Monday, 25 January 2016

How to Discreetly Read What's App and Messenger Messages

Messaging applications like face book’s messenger and what's up are not only helpful. They are making network providers a run for their money as they are free to send messages using the internet. As this is good news to users that they save money from using it, it can also be a source of anxiety to users who send them but most especially to the recipient.

Messages are meant not to be replied straightaway but using the internet to send it has a way of telling the sender that it has been read, somewhat making the recipient to reply at once or get the possibility of being branded a snob for not replying.  But of course there's a way of getting around this dilemma, if you want to read the message unnoticed by the sender to avoid compulsory response.

Read messages whilst offline

The trick here is to read the messages whilst the device is disconnected to Wi-Fi or mobile data!  How to do this? Make the messaging preview the messages on your locked screen. Messengers should have this feature on default but if you want to make sure here's how to check.

On Android

Open the messenger application and click the cog wheel icon (1) at the top right corner. Tap the notification and sounds (2) then tick notification previews (3). This will make sure that it will prefetch the message and displays it on the locked screen. 

On iPhone

Go to settings, scroll down and tap the messaging apps (4), tap notifications (5) and make sure that notification is allowed and the message is to show on locked screen (6). 

As the message is already downloaded, even if the phone loses its internet connection, the message will be retrieved from the phone's memory instead from the application's server. As the server will only know that the message is read when it is opened by the application, reading it from the notification centre or reading it using the application whilst the phone is offline will not send a read confirmation and will not tell that it has been seen from the sender's device.

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