Monday, 11 January 2016

How To Copy A Text From A Pop-Over Menu

There are elements in a website that are intended not to be copied or downloaded. So webmasters put some codes to disable the right mouse button. But this trick is easily resolved by using keyboard shortcut combinations, or the browser's built in copy and paste menu.

This afternoon, I encountered a challenging situation. I wanted to copy a text content out from a pop-over menu but it was not letting me. This is the type that automatically pops over when the cursor is hovered over a keyword (1).  The text can be highlighted (2); can be right clicked and even let me highlight the copy (3) menu. But when I tried to paste (4) the copied texts to a word processor or text editor, there was no output!

Interestingly, at the middle of the menu, I've noticed the selection 'Search Google for "The title should...” (5)'. It seemed like the text that was not copied in the clipboard was captured by the Google’s integrated search menu.

Clicking the search google menu (5) confirmed that the text from the pop-over was captured in the search input window. But unfortunately not all texts are copied, only 150 characters including spaces. But this was more promising.

To transfer the text  was now simpler. It was  just a matter of highlighting (7) it, and pasting (8) to the window of a text editor. I did not encountered any problem at all. I just repeated the procedure until all texts has been copied!

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