Thursday, 7 January 2016

How To View Failed to Load Website Contents

Imagine there's an interesting story link from a site you want to see. After clicking the link, an external page loads with many web components. They start to appear one by one then the site just stops responding. The other elements on the site are there, but frustratingly,  the information you want to see did not load because of one or a combination of these  reasons,  the site crashed,  your browser crashed, or it can also be the plugin that  interprets the info you want to see did not work. Or you do not have the credentials to see the item thus you are forbidden to take a look!

 A blank spot then appears  (1) in place where the information is supposed to be.  What should you do?

 Usually, we do not have any patience in trying it again after the page fails to load on two tries. We just easily lost  interest and  move to another story. Even if your browser is failing to show you the content, there is still a way of forcing to view the blank spot.

Depending on the browser you are using, by getting the URL of the item, the information can still be seen. Here's how.

On firefox 

 This is done easily by pointing the cursor on the location of the  missing item (1) on the page. Then right click it, and chose "copy image location"(2).

 Open a new tab and paste the copied URL and press enter. This will give you the missing image you've been trying to see.

Chrome browser shows a different menu when right clicked. This time you need to choose "inspect" (3). 

 It will then show the HTML code with the highlighted line of the URL needed. Right click this and choose
open link in new tab(4).

 And the file is opened in a new tab!

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