Saturday, 6 February 2016

Speed Up Android Phone Using Developer Options

No doubt the android phone lags through time. It needs tidying up from time to time, as it seems like drawing it's last breath when it is not "cleaned" by a dedicated app cleaner. But even though how thorough it is being  scrubbed every tidying up period, the phone is still so slow to process every taps.

The Developer Options.

Under the hood, the android phone has a built in diagnostic task meant for the developers and usually it is not enabled natively. This means the user needs to invoke this by pressing the build number (2) repeatedly until the prompt says it is alreadyenabled.(3). You can go to the buld number by going to settings and hitting "about device"(1).

Tweaking how to handle apps.


 We like to be more productive and do many things at once. That's why many manufacturers lure users that this can be achieved by introducing multitasking, split screen and more RAM to handle the issue. But most of the time for a regular user, this is practically an unchartered map of how they use their mobile and just a hype to show off that this can be acievable but unpractical, because of very small screen. Plus the performance is affected.

So why not do things one at a time and leave an application when you start another one? This will save the resources to tackle the next task and not to allocate it with the previous ones. Here's how it is done.

Once enabled, go back to settings where the "developer options"  can be configured(4).  Enable it by sliding the button(5) to the right. Then scroll down at the very bottom ofthe page under "apps". Tick "do not keep activities"(6). Then go next to the "limit background processess" (7) and choose "no background processess"(8) before you exit!

This made the lag on my phone bearable and have not noticed any misbehaving application whilst this is enabled. If this affects any of the appication you use, it is easy to reverse the whole process by just disabling "developers options"(5).

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