Thursday, 22 January 2015

HowTo Hack HTML Code To Download Movies Without Download Button

One of the advantages of the internet is users can watch movies without going to the movie houses. Streaming services, whether legal or illegal is abundant. You can take your pick  But just be careful because some of these sites are fake and can cause problems to your computer like  installing  malwares or viruses by enticing you to click a button or a link to watch a movie. One of the classic signs  is when a site is telling you to update a player or missing a player to see the movie.. Another problem is the lack of  bandwidth that you require to watch the streaming movie without interruption.

If this is the case, there are two solutions. One is to put the player in pause and let the movie buffer before playing or  to download  the whole movie first before viewing. Personally,  I prefer the second.  But what if there is no download button?

Most sites do not have download buttons or are  only available to registered or paying members. These are usually hidden on the scripts used. It seems impossible to download the streaming movies on these sites but sometimes they are available in the form of a link when you inspect the HTML code in the site's playing window.  It sounds complicated but it is easy. Here's how to get to it.

1. Go to streaming player window

As you may need to click links after links, this depends on the site you are watching from, you need to be on the page where the entire video is being played. To find this out, click the play video and the running time....

2. Make sure it is the entire video and not just the trailer

 ....(1) should appear or hover your cursor at the  right lower corner of the player window until you see the total running time. If this makes sense, usually more than 60 minutes, then this is the page you are looking for and from here you can extract the download link.

 3. Get the source code

Click the(2) 'control' button, select(3) 'more tools' then (4) 'view source'.

4. Search for video files

Whilst at the source code page, click the (2)'control' button again and this time, click (5) 'find' then type at the (6) search box for these video file extensions one at a time, avi, flv, mp4, mkv.  If available, the search term will be highlighted at the source code and will show(6) how many is identified.

5. Distinguish the correct downloadable link

Not all with the 'mkv' result  is the correct downloadable link. You can distinguish the correct one by looking  at the beginning and ending of the source. It should start with  http:// and ends with the video file type avi, flv, mp4 and mkv, which is at this example  'mkv'.

6. Download

'Highlight' the(7) entire link, right click, then choose (8) 'go to'. 

The link will be downloaded automatically, and if you are using chrome(browser used at this post), the downloaded file will appear at the left bottom of your browser. The completed download can be accessed at your download folder.

Last Words.

This trick is  worth trying if you have limited bandwidth to experience uninterrupted video streaming, or you want to download for later viewing. However, it dos not work on all websites as  other sites are coded well that they do not contain a trace of the video file location.  This post is only for instructional purpose and to point out to some webmasters that their files can still be downloaded even without the physical download button. 

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