Thursday, 8 January 2015

How To Create a Bootable ElementaryOS

ElementaryOS(Luna) is an alternative operating system to Windows and Apple computers. This can be loaded into a CD or DVD disk or USB stick and can be run from it without installing first. It is fast, lightweight and the best part is it's free. In my experience, I loaded it up to a USB for it's convenience and no fuss to use. Loading the OS to this device is also straight forward. Here's how.

What you will need.

1. USB Drive of at least 4GB space.
2. Downloaded elementaryOS 

3. Downloaded UNetbootin.


1. Format memory card.
Go to 'Computer'(start>computer>select drive(1)>right click>format(2)>start(3))

2. Presuming you have downloaded the two softwares above,  open up UNetbootin.exe and choose the 'ubuntu' distribution from the dropdown menu.

3. Click the browse button(4) and go to the download directory and choose the elementaryos file(5)

4. Start by clicking ok. It would take a while to finish setting up so be patient.

5. You're done. You can now reboot to try  EOS or just exit.

6. After the screen turns blank, start hitting F12,  to select the drive to boot from. This key varies from different computers so watch out at the splash screen before Windows logo appears if this does not  work for you.

Watch video and see how simple it is to run and how fast to load and to shut down.

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