Saturday, 31 January 2015

Charge Your Mobile In 30 Seconds

Admit it, in the modern world, we are dependent to our digital gadget to live. Our mobile device helps  us juggle everything from waking up in the morning, reminding us to go to work or reminding us that we just forgot it's the rest day for the week. It can make us an 'expert' in everything, say like an instant chef by providing breakfast menu and instructions on how or what to make with the existing food items inside the fridge, this of course with the aid of the sous chef, google search.

Many amazing things to be thankful with this device, it has the ability to solve our problems. It is just a matter of a few touches to download apps that is affordably cheap or free and surprisingly  effective, that was unthinkably possible many years back. The only thing that it is struggling to overcome is , well, it's own problem. Yes it does have a problem in it's 'eating habits' like it's human owners.

 It voraciously feed on every drop of energy that can be thrown on it. But not like it's human counterpart that can store and save for future use, it doesn't think of that but let you do the solving of how and where to quickly get to the mains!  As everything halts whilst waiting and asking  how long will it take until it is fully charged or at least to get to in a working state?

Well, the bothering situation of finding cables and sockets and hours of waiting time to charge may one day be a thing of the past, as one company playing with nano technology has discovered that they can also amaze our mobiles with 30 seconds charging time, that's from completely flat to fully charge. This amazes owners too, as we can be fully charged, geared up to battle in less than a minute.

This is a good news for everybody from the Israeli based makers. The technology is called  storedot which utilizes a bio-organic peptide molecules called nanodots, that are environment friendly unlike the present technology using toxic chemicals. When used in batteries, it cuts the amount of time to charge from hours to just a mere 30 seconds. Although it doesn't help in extending battery capacity, the fast charging time will be sufficient to attract mobile owners to buy the product sometime in late 2016 to 2017.

Watch video below.

See how the NanoDot powere'd battery charges this Samsung mobile in 30 seconds.

Watch here.

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