Saturday, 20 September 2014

Printer Can't Locate the Opened File

My colleague has problem printing a document yesterday. He said he has not encountered this message on his computer before. It was a fax document that is located over the network.  Hitting print could only produce an error saying "cannot access the file". We even tried saving it to his desktop. The file can be opened, but printing it produced the same problem.

I am not really into IT and my colleague started to dial the technical department for help. It was a long qeue and the automated voice was saying he is third in the line. And we were running out of idea.

I remembered a quick fix with websites that do not allow right clicks for copywrite protection. And the rule that anything you see in the computer screen can be copied in some way or the other. There's no need for a special software, but a built in one. In fact it is just sitting there in your keyboard waiting for the user to unleash it's hidden talent. And most user is not aware of it's existence. Paired with a native image program, they can be a powerful tool.

How Print Screen and Paint Program saved the day.

The Prt Scr (1) button is located at the right top upper keys on the keyboard. The location depends on the computer make. The paint menu(2) can be accessed by pressing start>all programs>accessories>paint.

With the necessary button and program, we can now proceed to print the "can't be located " file.

Open the file and hit Prt Scr button.
Open paint and press paste(3).
To trim the image, press select(4)>rectangular selection(5) then adjust the image using the guide lines(4a).
Hit crop(6) save it to an acessible location like the desktop and the printer did not have any problem accessing the file.

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