Monday, 22 September 2014

Get More From Vodafone International Credit

I've been a Vodafone international SIM card customer for more than a year but I did not know that I can get more from the service, perhaps because I do not read every small prints and adverts word for word. Or perhaps already contented with the tariff's offer of 60 minutes free international calls for every £10 top up.  This is the selling point why I have choosen Vodafone as Philippines is included in their free international allowance. It does not matter ifyou are calling mobile or land line. Other similar service from different networks no longer service Philippines with free allowance.

What do you get?

  • Freebee rewards.

Everytime you top up, you will get  freebee pointz. These points can be exchanged with freebee rewardz staright away or can be saved to accumulate enough pointz towards a bigger reward like a  new smartphone or TV.

  • Free international calls.

The 60  minutes free international calls can be used to the following countries. This list may change in the future but it is true at the time of this post.

The free minutes depends on how much you top up. The least minute is 60 for £10, 100 for £15 and 240 for £30. The catch is, you need to finish your minutes within a month otherwise it will expire.

  • You keep your balance.

If you only use your international minutes without placing local calls or texting, your balance will remain intact. This can be used to buy other services like extra minutes to use it locally, extra texts or data, and another international call bundles to destinations above. Dial 34443 to choose which extra to get.

  • Interesting extra bits.

Vodafone IOU

In situations like you are running low on credits, a service called IOU can let you borrow £3 top up. It needs activation and has a charge but it can be an emergency life saver in tight situations. Text IOU to 468 to opt in. Terms.


In case you do not like to owe anything when you are out of credit, you can let your friend to call you by sending a free text telling them to call you by sending your friend's number to 30303. Conditions.

Vodafone family

This is even more a budget saver. This features free calls to a party of 3 vodafone users with only one person paying. Each can make a call for free for 60minutes at one time. The trick not to pay extra is  to end the call before 60 minutes and dial again. Read terms and conditions.

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