Saturday, 13 September 2014

A Fix to Speed Up Your Browser

Internet contents need browser programs to translate html codes into audio and visuals. The are many of them, some unknown and a few are well known like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.  They might be from different companies and have a trick of their own but all have the same primary function, to bring you the latest updates with your emails, social networks, and favourite websites.

But did you notice as you use your browser, specially when you are using Windows computers, that through time it becomes sluggish as well? It takes time to load the program or it takes time to load web pages? Sometimes multi media stutters and keeps on buffering? Any browser can suffer from these problems. Here are the reasons why they behave erratic and the way to reduce the occurence of such problems.

It takes time to load the browser.

The moment you click on the browser's shortcut, you need to wait longer than usual before the program is on in it's operative state. Usually, the cause of this are the add ons that you did not realised  installed by visiting websites. A video website might need a specific extension or plug in to play the content and automatically downloads a program to do just that. Not only that, toolbars, antivirus add ons, converter add ons and so on, will continue to accumulate with the application and this causes an extra muscle and time to become ready.


The sensible thing to do then is to disable or uninstall these add ons that causing this. As every browser has different interfaces, the way to get to the add ons differs as well.

If you are using chrome, goto menu(1a)>tools(2a)>Extensions(3a)>untick enabled(4a)>or you can uninstall it by clicking the bin(5a) icon.

In Firefox, go to Menu(1b)>Addons(2b)>then choose if you want to disable(3b) or remove (4b) completely.

In Opera click menu(1c)>extensions(2c)>disable(3c)

Do the following for internet explorer.

Click cogwheel(1d)>manage add-ons(2d)>Highlight the add on(3d)disable(4d). If you have multiple search providers, you can uninstall those you do not use by highlighting search provider(5d) and follow 3d and 4d.

It takes time to load web pages/multi media keeps on buffering.

Your browser saves contents from the websites you visit to make it load faster the next time you load the page again. Trouble like web page do not load properly when this cache becomes corrupted. This makes loading of pages seems forever or doesn't load at all.


Clearing the cache usually resolves this trouble.

On Firefox browser, go to menu(1e)>History(2e)>click detail(3e) to make sure cache(4e) is ticked then clear now(5e).

Chrome: Menu(1f)>History(2f)>clear browsing(3f)>make sure cache(4f) is ticked>clear browsing data(5f)

Opera: Menu(1g)>History(2g)>Clear browsing history(3g)make sure cache(4g) is ticked>clear browsing history(5g)

Internet Explorer:Cogwheel(1h)>Internet Options(2h)>Delete(3h)make sure Temporary internet files and website files is ticked(4h)delete(5h)

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