Sunday, 24 August 2014

My Laptop Can Not Access Internet Using Wi-Fi

My laptop has a problem connecting into the internet via WiFi the other day. It can connect brieftly but after a second or two, the connection drops. Although access via wire is OK.

There are many things that can cause this problem and it  includes the internet connection, the device itself, or a specific software that has something to do with the Wi Fi feature. Here's the list of solutions I did in the past to restore internet connectivity but this time it seems like a new source is causing the problem.

Check internet connection.

If all of the devices that are connected into the internet have a problem in connecting to the internet, then there might be a problem with the router, the telephone line or the internet provider.

  • Router.

Check the pilot lamps if there is a red, yellow or amber colour, see below picture. These warning colours usually tell something is not working. You need to check the internet light if it has these warning colours. Green, or white colour, depending on the brand of your router, usually telling everything is working fine.

  • Telephone Line

If there is a warning light colour, then check if the telephone cable is connected properly. If the problem is just the connection, the internet light should change into green or white, depending on the model of your router.

  • Internet Provider

If it is connected properly and the internet light is still red, then you can call your internet provider and ask them to check your internet connection.

Check the connected devices.

If all of the router's lights are OK, check if you can connect to the internet. This is to determine if a certain device is the problem.

  • Use wired connection.

It is better to check internet access with a wired connection, like a laptop connected to the router with an RJ connector. If you can't connect into the internet using this method, call your internet provider.

Check WiFi connection

If you can connect to the internet using wired connection but can not connect using WiFi even with the correct security keys, try other WiFi devices if any can connect.

  • Check the distance

You need to be at the same spot where you are checking the device that can not gain internet access. If the other devices can connect, try moving closer to the router.

  • Clear cache

If it still can not gain internet access, turn off all WiFi devices except the one you are testing. Clear all the internet cache and try again.

  • Restore registry (skip if you're not using registry cleaner)

If it still can not connect, and you have been using registry cleaner before you noticed the problem, try restoring the registry by double clicking the saved registry entry. Then restart your computer. You can skip this step if you are not using this.

  • Check programs related to Wi-Fi

In my laptop, there is a program named Intel My WiFi Technology that is off on default. I can not remember ever turning it on or off. In fact I have not noticed this since I have my laptop. The network and sharing center and the WiFi button can be opened and working very well even if this is disabled. 

As any of the above solution that has worked in the past seemed not doing anything, I tried to access it by clicking the expand button at the systems tray(1), the status of the program(3) can be seen when the mouse is hovered over it's icon(2). Interesting to see that the WiFi button (4) looks OK and connected. Right click the icon and choose enable(5). I did not need to restart the computer and the internet access has  met it's  cure at last!

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