Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Easy Way to Find Out Your SIM Number

Do you need to know your SIM number? I thought there's no need to know but I was wrong. I realised that it is important to keep a record of it when I contacted my network operator to question a missing balance on my pay as you go mobile phone. Aside from telling them your phone number, they need to know the SIM's serial number, or ICCID number or simply called the SIM number. These three terms are one and the same.

Where it can be found? 

 It is usually at least 19 to 20 digit at the back of a sim card. It can also be  found on the documentation that comes with your SIM card during purchase.

What it is for?

This unique cryptographic signature of every SIM card is necessary for the network operators in order to access the card remotely, change the phone number, settings and to correct mistakes in user's account settings, just like what happened to my account that has a problem with the balance after topping up.

Because I did not know the importance of it, I did not kept a record of it and have thrown away all the documentations that came with it. My SIM card is micro sized and not like the normal SIM that can accommodate the 20 digit serial number, it bears no mark and can not physically contain anything. 

How to look for it when this happens?

If you have an iPhone then this is not a problem. Just go to the settings>general>about then scroll down until the ICCID entry. The set of numbers under ICCID is the number you are looking for.

If you have an Android phone then there is a slight problem. The Android's native system do not show the SIM card number when you check the "about" page. You need to download a program to show this. One brilliant application for this is called "Sim Card" by gsmdev. Just type this on google play and it is free to download. 

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