Saturday, 30 August 2014

My Note 3 Is Draining Battery Very Fast

It's my oncall day and expects to be called anytime. So I need my phone is charged at 100% battery at the start of the day.  During lunch time, the battery just went down to 68%! Although the WiFi and data connections are off! After checking the battery apps, I find it strange that  it is saying that the WiFi is on and the phone has been awake all the time. This is not new to me and I have experienced this kind of problem before with applications downloaded from google play.

Investigating further, the application that is giving the problem is the least app that I thought can bring this problem. It is the Boots app thatis causing it. It is one of the high street retailers that specializes in beauty and pharmaceutical products. Knowing the reputation of the company, it is far that I suspect this to happen. But here is what I found out why it is causing this.

Boots application causing trouble.

This screen shot tells the tale of the application spending at least 22% (1) of the total battery power (settings>general>scroll down to battery). It is more than any other processess including the screen, which is usually the first offender and specially the brigthness setting I usually set.

To check what's going on, tap the battery time usage (2) to bring you to the battery history. This shows the WiFi is active(3), although it was not on all evening(4), and the phone has been awake all the time(3)!

This made me suspicious about the Boots application. It can be a bug or it might have crashed.

 How to solve the problem?

As the problematic application is obvious, the application needs to stop running. You can do this by pressing it (1) from the battery application. Press Force Stop(5) to end the program from running. You will know that it stopped when the force stop button will no longer be clickable and the gray button colour becomes lighter.

Investigating further by tapping the App Info(6), it says that the application does prevent the phone from sleeping(7). This is the reason why the phone is always awake!

As the application is already ended, I am hoping that the battery will last further. I also expect that the phone sleeps and the awake indicator is kept to minimum.

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