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Viruses, malwares, and other threats has been the sources of unpleasant experiences online. In fact they make us  limit our online activity. I know some friends that lost money whilst banking online, and others that were victimised by hackers and lost their email accounts. Others experienced a slowdown in their computer's performance, owing most of this from viruses, malwares and other threats.

Did my friends have antiviruses? Yes they do, a copy of an internet security suite provided when they purchased their machines, which I suspect as trials only and might have been expired and no longer update the important  definitions.

They might have thought that what they have is enough until it's a little bit late.  It is very important to have antivirus, whether a premium one or not, as long as it continue to update the things it is protecting it from. It is  like wearing a helmet before riding  a bike.

Antivirus needs definitions updating to become immune or effective to known threats. Like our own immune system, we need to be exposed to the virus to form antibody against it. Or we need to have a shot or immunisation. Immunisation sometimes causes discomfort in our body as a consequence. In computers, whilst antivirus is updating its definitions, a "discomfort" may also occur, like performance slowdown, caused by high resource usage of the updating antivirus.

 In my experience, I encountered the same problem like sluggishness in my system when the antivirus updates and also when it do the sceduled scan. This means that whilst the antivirus is doing it's things, productivity is affected, and there's nothing more sensible to do  than make a coffee for myself and wait until the update is finished. And further delay happens when it starts scanning, this time I can make a coffee for myself and for my wife, and chocolate for the kids, with a little chitchat before I can use the computer again!
 Did you also experience this? I guess you did at some point.

The Vipre
Vipre antivirus is very different from the others I have used before. Although I can say that the previous antiviruses has done their job in protecting my computer, this antivirus stealthily does its things. Vipre scan your computer without slowing down your system. This means you can continue what you are doing online whilst it is searching for malwares and viruses in your system. The program also silently fetches or updates virus definitions without you noticing. Another good thing is the update can be set to every hour to refresh and look for new definitions for optimum protection. This boost my confidence of doing things online  because I know my computer is protected from the newest possible viruses or threats.

 If you regularly import or access files from other computers with USB sticks or other memory cards, or you allow your friends to use your computer to see their files on a USB stick, chances are there might be hidden threats in those storages that can create havoc in your system and you don't notice it before it's too late. With the Vipre, you will feel more secure and confident that threats from portable storages will be screened and blocked before they can enter your system. An option to automatically scan any attached USB device on your computer is built in. You just need to tick to perform automatic scanning.

The scan can be scheduled any time and any day without complicated settings. Just choose the day and tick the time and it does this automatically.

There are also other built in tools to play with that can give further online security, like secure file eraser, history cleaner and pc explorer.

And not only these extras, Vipre is also designed to protect and look for rootkits, trojans, worms, keyloggers, dialers, adwares, and malicious scripts. A true all in one protection indeed. 

Don't just take it from my experience, you can try it yourself. It is very easy to download the 28.2MB installation files and the installation is quite quick. It is recommended to disable or uninstall the existing antivirus before installing Vipre.

And just in case you run into trouble using the software, a US based customer service is free and always available. For further information about this product, go to their site at

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