Monday, 6 August 2012

Samsung's Android Music Application

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The Official Top 40 Chart is brought about by Samsung to it's android mobile users. What is unique to this music application is the ability to download the top songs for the day, everyday, without much effort from the user. It can be set into auto mode and the device starts the music download  through wi-fi during the night whilst you sleep. The music is ready for you in minutes or when you wake up in the morning.

The playback is continuous and do not suffer from buffering like other internet radio playbacks because it doesn't need any internet connection to play the music which is already downloaded. This means uninterrupted playback and no other sort of  disruptions compared to streaming music providers.

There's a fresh track everyday as the music's popularity differs day after day. Meaning the top 1 song might come out as top 41 the next day. When this happens, it won't be on your device the following morning.  The good news is, you will always have the top 40 everyday, without any effort at all. Very clever and no sweat at all!

Personal Top 40 playlist.
If not all in the top40 download is appealing to you, you can choose which one to listen by just clicking the star button opposite to the song. This will be included in your favourites folder and you have the option to start playback only from this folder. And if  you change your mind, it is easy to clear the selection and start over again.

Keep the music.
You can also keep the music that you fancy to have forever by choosing the buy it button. You can also create your personal top music collection, according to your taste from your favourite artist or music genre. You can even share it with your online friends at a touch of a button with an easy to access sharing button for the most popular social network sites. Information about the track is also at easy reach with just a push of a button.

With extras.
Aside from giving you the latest top of the list music, the application can also fetch the latest news of your favourite artists to keep you up to date from their latest gigs and albums offered at the moment. It's not just music but information at the same time in one clever application.

Another go factor for this application is it is free to try for a couple of weeks and if you are happy with the simplicity and easy interface, the flawlessness and cleverness of the playback, and the no sweat music updates then an optional £1 a week subscription is all you need to continue enjoy the service!

Try it by downloading the application from google play. Just type in official top 40 at the search box! Or learn more of this application at Official Top 40 !

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