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The Samsung S3 and the Novice User

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The latest handset from Samsung's surely is making a buzz. The S3 had 90 million preorders worldwide before it's release. Could it be because of it's new and powerful features, or plain brilliant marketing strategies? Or maybe with it's unusual but simple characteristics and uniqueness amongst other mobiles?

As a regular user, I may not be able to explain most of it's new and powerful features but will discuss the S3 according to my feelings the first time I handled the device.


The S3 comes in two variants, marble white and pebble blue. It's box is somewhat made out of ordinary carton although sturdy, it doesn't have that expensive feel compared to the S2. It is also thinner but almost similar in length. Opening the box uncovers the phone inside. It has the second largest screen next to the Galaxy Note and amongst other mobiles that I have seen, a 4.7 inch amoled screen. Underneath the little flip cover is the warranty and quick start guide. Going further, the two piece charger is cleverly tucked inside along the white hands free accessory and lithium ion battery. Assembling the mains charger is quite easy, if you know something about lego toys, then you can do it in seconds.

The phone takes a micro sd expansion memory and a micro sim. If you bought yours sim free, then you need to buy a micro sim or you can  make your regular sim into microsim. It is quite easy using a tool, but if you want to sweat a bit and try your luck, then there are online suggestions on what to do. I would recommend to buy a cutter because I failed  in making one myself before. The other advantage of using a proper tool is, if you want to use the fashioned microsim later on, you can put it back with the cut out and just put a tape at the back. Because if you will buy an adaptor later, the cost of an adapter is as much as the cutter. Get a sim cutter here!

To add more storage capacity to the 16GB built in memory (32GB and 64GB are also available depending on location), a microsd slot is located near the microsim cage. The device can take up to 64GB capacity card which you can buy  cheaply online or from high street retailers. Buy micro sdcards here!

The case

My first impression about the case specially the battery cover is it is plasticky and can crack easily. I was wrong, it is made from polycarbonate material that is very durable. It is a high impact and high temperature resistant material. The cover glimmers with it's nicely brushed polycarbonate property, which makes it look  pretty and expensive. Overall, the phone is lightweight at 133 grams despite the size.

The screen

Upon turning on the phone, the usual galaxy splash screen greets the eyes, this time with full beauty and clarity. This is the beauty of a LED screen, where backlighting is already replaced by individual LEDs. This makes the picture vividly clear and stunningly sharp. As the LED only gives off enough light according to what colour it wants to show, rather than continuously like in backlighted devices, hence battery power is also saved.  It is protected by the latest generation gorilla glass 2 that  promises lightweight, clarity, scratch resistance and robustness. The full dimension of the device is 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm.

It is worth considering a screen protector, to make the device more stunning and to keep it's value with time. See some nice covers here.

The battery

The battery promises more time to enjoy the unit than previous samsung S variants. It is a 2100 mAh lithium ion battery that can give users a talk time of  up to 22.5 h in 2G, 11.6 h in 3G, and standby power of up to 830 h (2G), 770 h (3G). And because it is removable, changing the battery when the end of life, which is inevitable on all devices, is easy and affordable. A clear advantage over rival products.

The processor

To help speed up things, a 1.4GHZ 4 heads or quad processor cores are installed coupled with 1GB of ram. I began to think of the top of the line computers years back with this specification put in together to form a mean multitasking mobile phone. As the modern swissknife  gadget of today, these features are important, especially when playing HD videos, 3D games and among others that require massive computing ability and power. It is also necessary to balance power and performance so that they can co exist in one device.

This is one of the features that is more advanced than other smart phones.

The features I like

As a regular user I am contented to these features of the new Samsung S3

Bigger screen

If you are a games enthusiast then the screen of this phone is a joy to use.  Bigger screens can show as much graphics and can let you appreciate every scene of the game. The on screen menu and qwerty board is easier, more practical and more accurate than typing on a cramped screen. Enabling landscape view will provide a decent screen for movie entertainment playbacks during boring travels.

Comfortable and secure feel

The size is massive compared to other smartphones, but surprisingly lightweight. The feel of it in my palm is comfortably secure unlike other smartphones that without an additional body case, it is prone to slips and falls even how careful you hold on to them.

Automate phone card dialling procedure 

Using the built in wait or pause function, you can automate your call using a phone card or any similar way to call your destination using an access number, PIN number and destination number by using this format.

Access number + (;) wait or (,) pause + destination number

Swipe to call or text features

This lessens the steps when you call or text somebody. At the contacts list, just swipe your fingers to the right to make a call and it dials the number selected. Swipe it in the left direction will bring you into texting menu. When enabled, the device can also dial the contact that is on your screen by putting the phone close to your ears. You can enable this feature by going into the settings, motion, tick motion activation, and turn on direct call.

Swipe to screen capture

I call this karate swipe myself as you swipe the side of your palm, like doing a karate chop, from right to left or vice versa into the screen to make a screen shot. This is more convenient than pressing combination buttons. Specially when your phone has a commercial casing that the power button is slightly unreachable because of the thick case. Enable this under motion, hand motion.

20 burst mode 

The front facing camera has a 1.9MP resolution whilst the back has 8MP. It has a feature to capture 20 photos in a second and an option to automatically select the best captured photo. This is useful for taking subjects in motion and letting the phone's software to choose the which one is the best shot. You can enable this by going into the camera function, enabling burst shot, and turning best photo on.

During video capture, this phone can also take still photos at the same time, saving you time in turning the camera mode into video and still photo, and making it sure that you do not miss a once in a lifetime shot.

Big screen output

With a compatible MHL attachment, you can see your movies, photos, games, documents on a big telly. Better option than taking the whole collections of DVD's when going on a holiday. Get yours here.

Sound Quality

Both the sound quality from media playback and voice calls are superb even if the volume is on maximum. It is crisp and clear surround sound.

There are a lot more advanced features of this phone that are fantastic and would like to try like how it is easy to share things through s beam, wifi direct, bluetooth, and new technology like NFC and among others. I know that  these full load of features will let  the more adventurous users  eager to discover more of what it can offer everyday!

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